Sep 11, 2021

First canoe paddle of the year

It  was overcast and wasn’t too hot nor too smoky so last Sunday Colin decided to take the girls for their first paddle. The had just turned 8 months on the 4th. They have grown so quickly.

Because she knows how to do stairs Ciela was soon on the beach. Can you spot her? She was so happy to be sniffing this and that. Before this day she had no idea how to get down to the beach.  We now have to fence off the stairs going down as well as the surrounding rocks so that she can’t climb over and go down.

Hard to see but they are in the canoe, you can just see two chocolate heads peeping over. We still have not been able to find life jackets that fit them but Colin figured he would just tie their leashes around and around a thwart.

There they are. Is it just me or do they look apprehensive? They have not yet been tied up.

Colin ended up tying them up to his seat.

I took this last photo and turned my back to go back inside and continue with my five loads of laundry. I wasn’t even asked to go with them.  This was a father-daughter outing.

I took my first two steps when I head a loud splash. I quickly turned back to the lake and raised my camera.

Dog overboard. Oops, dogs overboard.  Colin is holding Carlie by her green harness. That splash to the left is Ciela who is underwater. Carlie jumped first and of course Ciela had to follow. He managed to get her head above water quickly.

Carlie is in the canoe and Ciela is about to be lifted in.

You can just make out Ciela’s hind leg and tail as she jumps in.

Two drowned doxies. They are soaked and shivering.  Colin took this photo.

I heard the splash, turned and took a few photos. I thought that only the one dog had fallen in and so I carried on into the house as I assumed that Colin was going to keep paddling. I was so surprised when he showed up shortly thereafter and told me that they both had fallen overboard 😯  Of course he turned around and hurried back.  That was the quickest canoe paddle ever. Colin was almost as wet as the girls. We ran a warm bath right away in the hopes of warming them up and of course getting rid of that dirty water they jumped into.

Carlie shivered for the longest time. She is the one under the green blanket on the top right.

We even turned the fireplace on high. Ciela kept licking Carlie to try and help her. It was a few hours before Carlie warmed up.

Last Sunday was a crazy day but at least we had a sunset. A proper sunset not caused by smoke.



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12 Responses to “First canoe paddle of the year”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Now that is funny! I bet they never do that again….oh wait, they will for sure. They will get it eventually.

  2. Ken says:

    Slap on the wrist Colin for taking your beloved twins out on the water without life jackets. Bad boy. KenB

    • contessa says:

      Well its just how we do things. We tried several lifejacket sand they jsut did not fit. Fortunately the lake is not deep at all this year.

  3. Karen Berg says:

    Holy doodle doxy!! Maybe they’ll learn to swim or learn to stay in the canoe, check Amazon for vests if you haven’t already they have a great selection. At least a diverted catastrophe very smart of Colin to tether them close to him ?

  4. Pauline Watson says:

    Funny and cute all rolled into a canoe…. You’re right they do look apprehensive, hence the wanting to jump out:-) They’ll get the hang of it.
    Love the funnies at the end.

  5. That incident in the canoe must have scared the dickens out of Colin and both dogs. Good that they are fine and you sure spoiled them with blankets and fireplace. The photos were great!

    • contessa says:

      Colin wasn’t upset, he knew that he would be able to pull them in and out. What surprised him is that both jumped in within seconds of each other.

  6. Maryjane Warren says:


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