Sep 09, 2021

The lone goose

Towards the end of August I noticed this guy hanging around just out front. This is the first time that we have had a submerged log out there. There just hasn’t been enough water to move it and now it is bogged down in the mud.  This fellow now calls it his home.

He stood out because we haven’t had any geese on the lake for several days but he was always there.

Good morning Mr. Goose. The lake is so low that you can see the stems of the aquatic plants that the geese love to eat. There is a duck on each side of our goose, they tend to stick with him during the day.

Day after day he was on his own. I decided to name him Gus. Taken from inside hence the reflections.

I think it was around September 1st that a small flock of geese landed. Still smoky out there.

A few swam up to Gus to say hola. He wasn’t too friendly at first and didn’t lift his head.

He did get off his log and paddled around a bit.  But hours later when the flock flew off Gus remained. I am beginning to wonder if he can’t fly. I have seen him swim with the ducks but never fly. Perhaps his spouse died and he is sad, maybe even depressed  and refuses to fly with the rest of his friends.

A few days later and Gus remains on his own, other than for the ducks who seems to be loyal to him and keep him company.

Actually just the other day a few geese passed through and again said hola but left Gus behind. Now I have a goose to worry about 🙄

Yes I bring out their bed with soft blankets to lay on every morning. The bowl of water is refreshed every few hours. Oh and of course if it is too hot,  an umbrella is provided. If it is too cool due to the wind, warm blankets are provided.  If requested, a pool is filled and the sandbox is opened. I’m not just a doxie Mom but in charge of guest services and head of support staff.

And here we are 18 months later no better off. So many back to lock down.





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11 Responses to “The lone goose”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    I hope Gus can fly and decides to do so before the lake freezes! I think Gus and his saga would make for a great children’s book….as long as it has a happy ending.

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    Hopefully Gus is just waiting for that someone special to come by and whisk him off his feet.
    At least he has the ducks for company.
    Isn’t funny how well the dogs have us trained:-)

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    I will have a word with our geese and see if they have any background on Gus, or maybe they can figure out a way to interact with him … I hate to think of Gus all alone over the winter.

    Love the Doxie cartoon about staff and I am sure you are very underpaid for the duties of your job 🙂

  4. Judith says:

    Um. Think you and Colin could adopt me? (Though I confess, I am not as cute as the dachsunds.)
    What a life. Rich dogs….wonderful.

    • contessa says:

      Happy dogs for sure. You are welcome to move up here and share our 1000 square foot home, now overrun by doxies and their toys.

  5. Michelle says:

    Truly the twins have it made! They really live a life of luxury:)

    We are all a little off kilter with COVID and climate change really affecting our weather and creating havoc.

    Here on the East Coast, outside NYC we’re having a very strange summer. Lots of days without sunshine due to the smog from the western fires. We’ve also had endless rains caused by hurricanes…

    But I’m choosing to look forward…

    Seeing all the pictures of the twins and hearing about their adventures, certainly brings a smile to all our faces!

    Thank you for sharing,

    • contessa says:

      They are our Covid babies. If it weren’t for Covid we would not have got them as we would still be traveling for a few more years. Who knows what will be in our future other that our chocolate duo. I’m glad that they bring some joy to your day. What until you read what has happened.

  6. Marie Tate says:

    I was wondering if you have ever watched this youtube member, if not, please do so as every time I watch it I think of you and Colin, it’s called Moonpie and is so cute.

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