Sep 02, 2021

We gave in!!

Monday, August 30th.  The girls are doing their thing after the morning walk. They love sitting on the top step. Every so often they do their twin thing as they move about. It was a nice morning. Our temps are now between 72F – 77F during the day.

However that night, it got down to 51F and it had also rained overnight and was damp. Hard to see but there are two of them. It is a real challenge to get good photos because of how dark they are.

We gave in and turned on the fireplace. They loved and so did I.  Colin prefers it to be cooler.

They kept moving from bed to bed. We did use the fireplace from when we picked them up in February to spring when it was warm enough to shut the pilot light on the fireplace. However they were very tiny and we did hold them most of the time.  We don’t know if they remember the fireplace, likely not.

Ciela let us know that there was no way she was going out into that dampness.

I think this is one of the best photos that I have taken of them.  Hope it makes it to the 2022 calendar.

They did let us know when it was time to shut off the fireplace. “We are warm enough now, thank you Mom and Dad.” The pilot light remains on and we are turning on the heat to warm things up first thing  in the morning.

The sky is opening up, much less smoke, and we had a wee sunset.

Main course that night was veggie turkey cutlets with gravy plus steamed rice mixed with quinoa. All six veggies, Swiss chard, green beans, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and raw carrots were from our garden. Six vegetables in one meal. You might say that despite the extreme weather, our garden did well.

We have been sending healing thoughts everyday to sister number three, Sequoia. She was spayed this past Tuesday, exactly three weeks after our girls. We hope to reunite the triplets within the  month.  I think it is as hard on us parents to have our babies go through this procedure as it is on them.



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4 Responses to “We gave in!!”

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    Thanks for the thoughts! Sequoia is doing really great; she’s ready to play already, even though it’s too early. You’re right about them being hard to photograph! Sequoia gets “lost” in some shots.
    Our girls don’t like going out in the cooler weather either;-) Doxies!:-)

  2. Judith says:

    Beautiful views, temperate weather, and snuggling dogs…..not to mention some gorgeous food. Life looked pretty good today for you. So glad.

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