Aug 30, 2021


Where to start? BC Wildfire Service has listed the Skaha Creek ( Penticton ) wildfire as a “wildfire of note,” and updated its size to 212 hectares as of 1:10PM today. The winds have been light but are slowly picking up. Hopefully everything will calm after sunset. Meanwhile the City of Penticton has activated its Emergency Operations Centre.

In travel news there have been some strong changes because of increased Covid cases. In case you missed it,”the European Union recommended today that its 27 nations reinstate restrictions on tourists from the U.S. because of rising coronavirus infections there”.

Not only that, but the US itself announced  just a few hours ago…..

….The U.S. State Department is now urging Americans to “reconsider travel” to Canada due to what the Centers for Disease Control call “high” levels of COVID-19 infection.

The new Level 3 travel advisory, issued today, marks a quick end to a three-week period when the warning to would-be travellers to Canada had been eased to “exercise increased caution.”

So it looks like we just might be worse off than we were a year ago.  When I read that, I immediately think that it sounds that the border to the US from Canada will not be reopening on September 21st.  Will Canada now close the border to the US? Oh, so very complicated. If everyone wore their darn masks and got the vaccines we soon would be back to just travelling between the two countries as we have been doing for hundreds of years.

Perhaps not!

We have blogger friends that we have yet to meet in person but no worries that will happen in the years to come. They really wanted to come into Canada last summer and travel  to Alaska.  As you know know Canada only opened the border to Americans wishing to travel to Canada just a few weeks ago. Barb and Jim never miss a beat and were ready to head north on a moments notice. In his recent blog post, Jim specifically goes through the many complicated to do’s that one needs to accomplish before an American is allowed into Canada. I have heard so many Canadians saying ‘why are those Americans allowed into Canada and why can’t we go to the US’ and further south. Jim’s post is very informative and after reading how much they had to do and then what happened when they got to the border, I went, okay, it is safe to let them in. Yet now, today, the US is saying that we here in Canada are not safe.  What are you going to do Jim?  I bet I know the answer, he is just going to keep on fishing in Ontario 😎

These are photos from Mazatlan. FYI the airport in under several inches of water on the inside.

The Isla had over 15 inches of rain and it rained a good part of the day today. The roads have become a river or a huge lake. This is Mazatlan, not the Isla.

Again this photo is in Mazatlan. The Isla has some homes with flooding but I have yet to hear about the damage to the restaurants on the beach and of course to the RV parks. I, of course, am concerned about our palapa.

15 inches of water on the Isla. Sadly the Isla ( and I think Mazatlan ) lost power between 2:30PM and and 9:30PM yesterday. Fortunately the storm brought cooler temps and it only was about 75F. Good thing since the power was out. Of course stores and most everything on the Isla are shut down.  I have not heard of any injuries which is a blessing. However I am sure that many are suffering, especially if you are living in a lean-to in the dirt.

Sadly the road up to Wendy & Budd’s. Not pretty but it could have been worse.

We did not get dinner until later 10PM last night so I really need to cap this off now.

I just have to leave you with some doxie love.

They love to rub their faces with their paws.




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4 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    You’re right, we would just stay in Canada! I don’t not understand why the U.S. did not open the border at the same time Canada did, makes no sense to me.

    The resorts are not at full capacity but they appreciate the much needed business they are getting!

  2. Roger and Susie LaRose says:

    So sad about Maz. and the Isla. Hope all stay safe and recover from the damage.. Love the doxie photo’s..

    • contessa says:

      Sounds like there is still flooding here and there. Lots of rain fell. However no one was hurt and the Isla is moving on.

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