Aug 27, 2021

More Que Pasa

How did it get to be the last five days of August? Oh, I remember now, we never had a summer. Just unbearable heat and wildfires and of course increasing cases of Covid. Our provincial BC government announced that they have spent 1/2 billion dollars on the wildfires thus far.  The two large ones are still out of control and so many people are still evacuated.

What are they looking at?

Ciela is pawing the window to get to me. I am in the upper left, reflection, taking the photo.

I had gone outside to take this shot and ended up waking them all up. This was taken last Sunday.

The next morning was the first time I have seen birds on our umbrellas arm.

I think they are swallows.

Colin spent most of Tuesday waxing the golf cart. It looks great. Perfect cool weather to do it in and he could keep an eye on all the activity happening around us. See below.

We are finally getting to the point of completing our fencing.  The neighbours to the west are doing half of the fence.  We have all agreed on the same colours as what we already have. I am relieved as they had previously wanted white vinyl. Had they done that then we would have built our fence right next to their fence but in our colours and slightly taller so that we did not have to see the white.  We have our half of the fencing but they are still waiting. There is a shortage of coloured vinyl fencing in Canada, actually there is none. It is being sourced from the US. Tuesday was the day to dig and cement in the steel posts. The fence will sit right on the property line. We are on the left.

Late  afternoon Tuesday was love in time with Ciela, she loves to lay on her back in the crook of my arm.

So affectionate.  Can you see her tongue reaching to lick me?


It was a very long loving time. The girls need special time with us each  day – separately. Hard to find the extra time and write a blog as well as live our life. I have done this two days in a row now and they seem more responsive to commands. Here Ciela tucked herself under my chin and is giving me such a cuddle ( loved it ), looks like she is sucking her tongue.

Wednesday morning I dressed and then sat down with the girls. Great photo op and ever so colourful. The green fuzzy fleece blanket cost us $4.00 at a Dollar store.

Our fence guy was supposed to do the repair of our fence blow out Tuesday but never got around to it  because of the posts he was installing. He did it Wednesday. We ended up lowering the last panel by a foot to try to stabilize the fence re the occasional big winds off the lake.

It has been a long week with so much activity. Most days the girls area great but there is the odd day where they keep us on our toes.  Happy to say that Carlie has taken to ringing the bells when she wants out. We have had a few very cool days in that past week and they do not like to go out in the cold. The rain is not an issue but the cold is. It might be an interesting winter.

Today I finally got to see Kelowna’s only dermartology doctor, it is at least a one year wait. She treated this precancerous spot. She used so much nitrogen that this now sits like a large lump, just over 1/4 inch above my chest. I was able to change my face treatments until February. I will have large scabs all over my face ( which is why I wear a hat outside to prevent the spots  ) and would rather that happen early in the New Year as it takes three to four months to heal.  So relieved that I did not get it done today.

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4 Responses to “More Que Pasa”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    I bet it will be nice to have the fence done! Sure looks like the girls love to cuddle.

    • contessa says:

      We are also eager to have the fence completed, however it depends how long it takes for the final material to arrive. Oh yeah, those girls are cuddlers.

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    I love your dress in the pic with the girls, and like how the green blankets match. I noticed the dachshund printed blanket behind you on the sofa; that one’s cute too! Sequoia bites my nose too! Sisters;-) Opal would always lick behind my ear.
    I’m glad you’re on top of your sun spots. I went to go have one removed 7 years ago, because it looked suspicious. Turns out it was already a malignant melanoma. The second deeper removal caught it all. Nice scar I’ve got. Be safe wear sunscreen:-)

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Pauline. I never wore sun screen until at least my 30’s, I had no idea. I am managing to hang in there. Sorry about your scare but at least you caught it in time.

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