Aug 05, 2021

The pups and the fires

Carlie decided to take a nap  in the play pen.

She was using the entrance ( covered by towel so they did not trip ) as her pillow.

Meanwhile Ciela decided that we needed more holes in the lawn.

Orange sun from the fires colourizes the lake and the aquatic growth that grows in the lake and is tossed aside once the geese have their fill.

It is also leaving a mess along our beach. Due to the low level of the lake we have a wider beach but it is too smoky for us to go paddling. We have seen a few people out on their water skis.

Wrestle time. They are very long dogs.

They love having a little blanket near the fireplace in addition to their various beds, They will not do a “sit” on the floor, only on a towel or a blanket. Such prissy girls. I believe ( not certain ) that this is Carlie.

And this is Ciela having a nap. Her face is more caramel than tan. Can you believe that they turned seven  months old yesterday? I remember when they were so very tiny when we picked them up. The breeder told us to hold them, love them and then enjoy every moment with them as they would not stay small for  long. Happy to say we took her advice but I would  love to go back in time for a few days to cuddle the tiny twins.

We have now done our second BBQ, this time yellow fin ahi tuna steaks ( and a bit of left over salmon ). Perfection along with our garden veggies. This was the only bit of our fresh peas that we got to enjoy before the rest disappeared  from our garden. The green beans were the last from the freezer and last summers beans. Yesterday Colin picked some fresh beans. Yummy.

The fires continue to do damage. A  fire  today has now closed  Hwy 97 between between Vernon and Kamloops. Our neighbour got back from Edmonton ( in his RV) a few hours ago and had to do a long detour ( 3 hours ) through Chase. They had been on the road since 4AM BC time. Of course they are exhausted.

Even the small bees are being greatly affected.

This was released  August 1st. Kelowna is in the dense smoke and that is what we have been enduring.

The air quality has been hazardous for us. Finally yesterday we caught a break and the smoke was not too thick, we had some hazy views and could see blue sky at times.

The airport was closed for 48 hours and finally opened late afternoon of the 3rd. Today we had a good day but it was still hazy with smoke and temperatures of 96F.  They keep saying that the temps will go down but not so far. The winds have picked up late this afternoon, I fear for the fire activity. The smoke is intensifying.

This handsome fellow was caught visiting our gardens two days ago.

Tonight while the sun starts to set….

… it has become nap time.






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6 Responses to “The pups and the fires”

  1. Croft says:

    There is so much bad news around the fire situation. It looks like Monte Lake may have been destroyed. It is turning into a terrible summer.

    Keep safe, keep a good watch on what is happening and keep enjoying yourselves. The tuna looks great, one of my favorite treats after my son taught me how to cook it.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Hopefully the fires and smoke diminishes soon, it does make for some spectacular sunsets though!

  3. Judith says:

    Oh I am so hoping that you can have what in TX is called a “norther” with cooler air…and if we’re lucky, some rain. Both are desperately needed up there. Thanks for ending with the photo of Colin with the girls…makes it seem that all is right with the world….creatures having a good nap!!

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