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Jul 20, 2021

Happy Anniversary & more visitors

Sunday, July 18th was our 34th wedding anniversary. We were checking out and heading south but first we enjoyed two hours with friends Jan & Paul and their pup Jazz. They were to spend a month visiting us at Holiday Park but cancelled because of the fires. Colin had hooked up the Jeep the night […]


Jul 19, 2021

Housekeeping duties and visitors

It was a very cool morning this past Saturday the 17th. I actually wore capris and long sleeves and a sweater. It had rained a bit overnight and was a cool 56F/13C. Of course it was still smoky with a pure white sky. We had noticed that the previous evening many of the campers were […]


Jul 18, 2021

Friday was a most special day

Next stop was to see my chiropractor who did checks and some more adjustments. I had for the most part held the Thursday adjustments. This guy is so good for me. I wish we lived in the same city.  I have been to umpteen chiropractors but none can do what he does. I am so […]


Jul 17, 2021

Where to next?

SECOND POST TODAY. Click here for the first. We were driving by 9AM Thursday, the 15th.  No matter how hard we try we are usually thirty minutes late. We stopped in Edson for diesel fuel which we got at $1.20 per litre at Petro Canada.  Basically that means all the driving we have done since […]


Jul 17, 2021

Last full day in Jasper

FIRST OF TWO POSTS TODAY These photos were taken on July 14th. We chose to visit two locations that again we had never been to in Jasper.  Nice to see some new areas of the park. They fall asleep as soon as we get back into the Jeep and sleep deeply until the next adventure. […]


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