Jul 30, 2021

Que pasa!

How smoky is it?

This is our view for the past two days and will be for a few more. The dark area in the foreground is the lake. We can’t see anything but smoke.

Downtown Kelowna from higher up.

The girls love to be outside, even more than before since our RV trip. They like to play, sleep outside and if they could they would eat outside. Often when they are in the house they will go out to drink from their water bowl on the top step or the patio. A favourite pastime is to go out one door, run the length of the yard and come back in another door – using the ramps to go up and down. However we are trying to restrict them as both have blood shot eyes from smoke irritation. A real challenge, so they can go out for a certain amount of time but then one of us has to keep watching from the window in case they want to come back in. Sometimes I cheat and leave the door ajar until the smoke becomes too strong and my eyes water.  They are sleeping more due to the combination of smoke and heat.

We are surrounded by the smoke.

Today we will have a high of 99F/37C and tomorrow we are expected to be 104F/40C. Our province of British Columbia ( BC ) is preparing for the heat wave by opening cooling areas for those who have no A/C.  So many rivers and lakes have heated up that they are finding fish and other small creatures like mussels are suffering and dying. This heat dome is affecting us is a variety of ways. There were 570 deaths during the week of June 28th. Deaths they say are a direct result of the heat dome. Doctors are trying to find a way to document for the respective governments how many heat dome injuries there were as well. At the moment there is no ‘code’ to do so.  Time to start keeping track of how bad things have become.

I have a reader asking exactly where we live. Our home is legally in Kelowna but we are the cusp of Lake Country in British Columbia. If you click on ‘profile’ just above the photo of us on the main page you will get a bit of information. Kelowna is surrounded by lakes & mountains, we have many wineries and fruit orchards and we are warmer than most of Canada. Feel free to Google Kelowna.

Carlie tends to put her paw in her mouth before she falls asleep and sometimes just for the heck of it.

Meanwhile because of the fires that keep starting, our Health Emergency Management BC is preparing to open field hospitals, for those who are being evacuated. There is little to no room for people to turn to unless they have relatives or friends nearby, hotels/motels are full. Many volunteers have offered help to animals in need, no matter the size or number, including horses. Arrangements have been made all over the province for livestock. Things have become that serious here. At this moment there are 18,691 properties on evacuation notice.

Then she falls asleep.

Then there is Covid.  The numbers in BC are going up, in particular in our area of Lake Country, Kelowna, West Kelowna and Peachland where we live. This is called the Central Okanagan and just over 50% of new daily Covid cases in all of BC are taking place here where we live. We are now back to wearing masks indoors plus there are restrictions to being inside. Here in our park, all indoor activities, the gym, the indoor pool, various classes and indoor events have been cancelled for at least two weeks. Outdoor pools and other activities are allowed for now. There is a big push to vaccinate everyone, especially the young who seem to be the cause of the increase in Covid cases – too much partying.

They are so precious.

So besides all of the above I have managed to get my emails down from 300 to 146. I haven’t been able to get back to everyone but I will. Where does the time go? Oh I know, dealing with our accountant over the 8K that is owed to us re taxes. 😯 The delay is blamed on Covid by the government. Trying to straighten out RIFF’s for Colin who just turned 71. Turns out we might have been given inaccurate information by our investment company. Of course it is the long weekend here ( Monday is a Civic Holiday ) here in Canada. Plus today we were given a deadline to deal with the accident claims from the November 2nd, 2019 accident. We were rear ended in Vegas on our way south to Mexico. Oh and I guess just finding out that Mazatlan is dealing with a serious outbreak of Covid cases. The Canadian consulate says there is a potential oxygen shortage. Of course the Isla is also dealing with many cases and some have died. Yes, I have been busy.

Wednesday was our first BBQ of the summer. Beet tops, peas, carrots, tomatoes and cucumber from our garden. Wild salmon fillet and baked potatoes. Truly a tasty meal, every single bite.

Taken this morning close to shore. This is a full colour shot taken over by the smoke. The heron was actively fishing.

Colin took this of myself and Ciela. She was restless and kept wanting me to pick her up so I just put her  up on the credenza next to me. She relaxed and I got this post completed. I love writing like this but two hours of my day passed swiftly. I want this to be a short post but as I write I feel compelled to add this and that.

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16 Responses to “Que pasa!”

  1. Judith says:

    So glad you can be OK inside, with no imminent threats outside, just the horrid horrid air. And heat.
    And covid. All going on outside. And all very frightening. Here’s to your being safe and sound, and some cold air and rain coming down up there.

    • contessa says:

      Yes inside is the place to be even though our view is a white smoky vista. Fingers crossed that the water will change soon.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    We finally cooled down into the 70’s the last couple of days but our sky is much like yours. Not to the point where it is irritating but very smoky.

    • contessa says:

      Ahh to be that cool. We do not enjoy living with A/C. Glad your smoke is not irritating, much worse today.

  3. SandyM says:

    That smoky air looks horrible and it must be difficult for those who work outside. Prayers for rain for Western Canada and for our Western USA states, too. Always enjoy seeing photos of the puppies! Your dinner plate looks delicious – a plate full of goodness.

    It is very much a concern if it will be possible to travel to Mexico this Winter as Covid has reared its ugly head once again……not that it ever fully went away. Even though our plans are for January 2022 still very much a concern. Only time will tell.

    Stay well and stay safe.

    • contessa says:

      Sandy I just don’t think that we will get to Mexico. Will the border open in August? I think that there are not enough prayers for rain but I can only pray and hope. It is much worse today and so many many more fires have started. At least we have a safe home to be in.

  4. Dolores Tanner says:

    Golly, that smoke is horrid!!! Yes, Covid resurgence… People are not getting the shot, do. Not. Understand. People…. Really? They can’t think of anyone or thing except themselves…. I don’t care if no one else is, I am wearing the mask inside at grocery!! And STILL staying home….
    Hope yr smoke goes soon…

    • contessa says:

      Yes many of us continue to wear our masks. Even more so here because of the smoke. Looks like we may be spending a second winter here.

  5. Linda Sand says:

    I live in the Minneapolis, MN, metro area. We have smoke from Canadian fires so it’s hard to imagine how you are coping. I’m sure you are, though. Hang in there. Eventually, even this too shall pass.

    • contessa says:

      Sorry that you have to deal with our smoke. It has been very bad today, even the dogs won’t go out other than to do their business and a quick game of chase. Will this pass? Or is this going to become the new normal?

  6. Hoping the Wildfires and Smoke are soon a thing of the past.
    The girls are making their own habits.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  7. Maxx Trails says:

    I’m so tired of all this smoke and I don’t think it is leaving anytime soon. Even the wind we were supposed to get today, that was going to give us clear skies for a bit, didn’t happen. I just pray we get some rain soon … and rain without lightening … is that asking for too much?

    At this point even if the US border opened we can’t go south for the winter because we have mixed vaccines, and honestly with their numbers rising I don’t really think it is a good idea. It is looking like another winter in Kelowna.

    • contessa says:

      I hear you. I also was disappointed about the wind but then I read about six new fires at Harrison Lake today caused by 70 lightening strikes earlier today. It is only July 31st and things are looking ever so grim. It just might be asking too much for only rain, we shall see what the next two days bring.

      As to the US border we feel that staying home again this winter might be the safest thing to do. Not want we want to do but what else can we do. I forgot that you had mixed vaccines, several of my friends did that by choice. So now what happens. So much confusion.

      Any chance yo can get that lovely condo back this winter?

  8. Linda and Russell says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful RV trip with the girls. I’m hoping the weather and smoke clear up for you soon. We just returned last night from a long trip to Florida from one end to the other to visit my Mom in the North and almost to Miami to visit my grandaughter. Then a 5 day stop in Alabama to see my Dad. Weather in Florida was tolerable but Alabama was having major heat advisories and high humidity. Thankfully we’re back in Tennessee with cool temps and gentle rains (so far). We noticed the mountains as far as the eye could see were covered in smoke. It hasn’t reached the ground here, best I can tell, but that may be dependent on wind currents and that type of thing before it affects our air quality. Stay safe and enjoy the girls!!

    • contessa says:

      Ah so you have been on the road. When you describe the cool temps in Tennessee I want to fly there right now. For your sakes I hope that the smoke stays way up high. Thanks for checking in, I have missed you.

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