Jul 19, 2021

Housekeeping duties and visitors

It was a very cool morning this past Saturday the 17th. I actually wore capris and long sleeves and a sweater. It had rained a bit overnight and was a cool 56F/13C. Of course it was still smoky with a pure white sky. We had noticed that the previous evening many of the campers were actually having camp fires. Not propane fires but actual wood burning fires in a round metal container. So they were sitting in the smoke making more smoke. The City of Edmonton currently has no camp fire ban 😥

Colin took the Jeep in to the nearby Canadian Tire to get the repaired front driver tire re torqued.  While there he asked them to check the front passenger tire and sure enough the valve stem was leaking and the air was low. So the stem was replaced and now we need to get that tire re torqued as well. The also told Colin that the Jeep was out of alignment that needs to be done when we get back home. We have also decided to get a full set of new Jeep tires before we travel to Mazatlan in the fall ( if we can ).  He also did some grocery shopping and refilled our five gallon water jug.

Meanwhile I did a bit of this and that and once he got back I went to the park laundry area and did one load.

Our long time friends, Jannose & Colin and their only granddaughter, Roslin,  arrived for happy hour around 2:30PM.

Roslin was unsure of the dogs, she has not been around too many. They barked loundly when she arrived so that did not help matters and frightened her a bit. It took a while before she would even touch them. Jannose took this photo.

It wasn’t long before we moved inside because of the cold. I can’t believe that I hardly took any photos. I think that we were so involved in our various conversations that I just sat and enjoyed the moment and the wine!

She was still not too sure about them but did pet one as it napped.

Much happier here. Jannose also took this photo. By the time they all left, after a long health happy hour, Roslin was reluctant to leave. Nice that she is more confident with puppies.

Colin enjoying a much needed nap. It was a long day.






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5 Responses to “Housekeeping duties and visitors”

  1. Pauline Watson says:

    I hope you can get to Mexico too! I’d rather be in Mexico as well 🙂
    I can wait till next year 😉
    Naps with the dogs are great!

    • contessa says:

      I don’t often nap but Colin takes short ones with the girls now and then. Really hope we get to Mexico.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    Lovely people. All of you.

    I love that dropleaf table! What can you tell me about it?

    • contessa says:

      The table came with out RV. It stays low like a coffee table but also rises to dining height. You can open the extra leaf on either side if you need the space. It actually fits right next to our dining table so we can seat six or seven for a meal.

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