Jul 18, 2021

Friday was a most special day

Friday the 16th, Colin thought that he should get all the bugs off the windshield.

The girls thought it was a new game.

We then had a mobile RV tech stop by. Before we left Mazatlan in March of 2020 we had some work done on the toilet.  We had a leaky pedal valve. Turns out the replacement was faulty. Because we had to leave ASAP re Covid we did not get it re repaired. It has become much worse with a constant drip. It was time to spend $356.78 to get a new assembly. We just could not wait to get to the Isla and only pay $70.00 for the repair. The part here was $100.00 plus a huge call out fee of $150.00 plus labour.

Next stop was to see my chiropractor who did checks and some more adjustments. I had for the most part held the Thursday adjustments. This guy is so good for me. I wish we lived in the same city.  I have been to umpteen chiropractors but none can do what he does. I am so thankful that he came into my life – from my masseuse in Mazatlan who used to live in Edmonton. Small world.

Our last stop for the day was a major event. I get tears in my eyes thinking about it. You might recall that when we went to pick up the girls at the end of February, that there were three in the litter. The third pup kept following me around and I began to vacillate if we should take her instead of Carlie. I fell in love with her and Cindy the breeder suggested take three 8-O.  It was a very difficult decision. It has haunted me as to what happened to the third sister. I felt that the triplets should have been together. Eventually I found out that the sister had gone to someone in Edmonton. I reached out to the breeder to get contact information about who had taken the other sister. As we were traveling to Edmonton I had hoped to have a quick meet up. Pauline the mom responded to my email and so began a plan. Carlie and Ciela’s sister was named Sequoia.  I began to tell the girls that they were going to see their sister Sequoia soon.

Sequoia and I on February 23rd.

Friday was the day. Meet the triplets.

We think Sequoia is on the right. I could not tell who was who. I already have trouble with our two, never mind three. Pauline was much better than I at figuring it out – but she is much younger than I am.

Pauline has three young sons. We also had the triplets as well as Sequoia’s older sister, Opal who is 2.5 years of age. Opal also came from the same breeder. Lots of dogs and people.

Born just few hours

Just one day old.

I have no idea who is who.

When we first arrived there was a good deal of barking but that soon subsided and the fun began.  I believe that Sequoia is on top.

This lovely doxie is Opal. She will be three in October. She is a chocolate and tan dapple and so very beautiful.

Holding Ciela and trying to get to get some cuddles with Sequoia.

Sorry Pauline, I never got your permission to put you in the blog.

We both love our girls so very much.

Dinner is served.

Definitely long dogs. They are six months here.

When they first started eating on February 4th, exactly one month old. Look at how much their ears have grown since day one and now at six months, so much longer.

A family affair.

I have had so very much fun writing this blog post.

I want to thank Pauline, her husband and three boys for inviting us into their home. They were so generous with their time. Pauline made us the most delicious dinner ( to die for ) and even made us a homemade rhubarb pie from their own home grown fruit. It was the most perfect evening. My heart was so full to have the three girls together. So happy to know that all three will have wonderful futures. We hope to be able to meet up with Sequoia perhaps once a year, if not more.

News from home. As you can see our garden is almost out of control. As much as we are living this trip, we will be happy to return home and enjoy our garden. The some not so much.

PS **** This is my THIRD post with the past 24 hours.  So if you missed the first two, please go back.








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13 Responses to “Friday was a most special day”

  1. Kelly says:

    What a wonderful post and all the special photos.

  2. Pauline Watson says:

    You got so many great photos!! I’ve never seen the girls’ baby pictures. Adorable!!
    I’m so thankful that you “left” Sequoia behind, she is such a blessing to the family.
    I’m beyond excited that you reached out and came for a visit 🙂 I had a wonderful time!
    Opal and Sequoia love their new squeaky toys!
    Cheers! 🙂

    • contessa says:

      I will send you baby photos when we get home. How wonderful that we could all get together. Perhaps we should make it an annual event.

      • Pauline Watson says:

        I have no objections to that!
        Where are you in October? I’m trying to talk Josh into a trip with just us 2 & Sequoia 🙂
        After Thanksgiving though.

  3. Cat in KC says:

    Love this post so much!! 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    Wow so much fun! All three together again and a fourth one as well,that’s like dying and going to Doxie heaven lol. We can relate to RV pricing for repairs,Our generator stoped working in Arizona one year,we where told it needed to be replaced could not be fixed. This would have been over $1,000 US$ so forget that and while staying for one week in Mazatlan we got it fixed they rebuilt the part (not a service you can get anywhere anymore). For the equivalent of $186.00 CND$.
    Take care my friend.

    • contessa says:

      Our generator was left in Mexico because of Covid. We just found out that it can’t be repaired there. A new one will set us back $20,000.00 CAD!!!

      Iw was so fun seeing the triplets together at six moths of age.

  5. susie says:

    Awesome visit and great photo’s of all the sweet Doxie’s..

  6. Judith says:

    Well, that looks like a good time was had by all….And your garden IS going nuts.

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