Jul 12, 2021

Good thing it was a short driving day

Lazy Sunday morning nap. Carlie is on her back with her paws pressed against the windshield.

They were ready to travel.

Yesterday ( Sunday the 11th ) we took our final walk around the Clearwater RV park. Colin put the outside stuff away and began to hook up the Jeep while I prepared the inside to travel. Suddenly he came into the RV to announce that the Jeep has a flat ( driver rear tire ). I got onto the phone to our roadside service with Good Sam. They soon put me on hold to try and find someone to come to our assistance. Meanwhile Colin called the rv park office to advise that we could not move out. Check out was was at 11AM. I also got onto the computer to see what I could find locally to help us out. This is a very small town and it was Sunday morning. Nothing was open. Staff at the park office came by with the personal phone number of someone that might be able to help. Long story short and many phone calls later someone was coming to help. Meanwhile I was still online and on hold with Good Sam who were still looking for someone to help us. Finally she came back online and told me that she was still waiting for someone to find help for us. I told her that I had found someone locally and that she likely would not be able to find anyone. I asked and she authorized us to submit the invoice for the tire change.

Meanwhile folks were beginning to check in and it turns out that our site was part of three RV’s traveling together. Nothing we could do. They understood – sort of. Finally a very young fellow showed up with a truck but he had no jack nor a compressor 😯 He did get the job done ( we estimated that there was enough air in the full spare tire ). Cost $75.00, I just hate giving out my credit card number like that but we had no choice. We were finally driving at 1:30PM.

Even getting onto the highway was difficult as they were doing line painting and we had to wait a long time to be able to make a left turn.

Not too far down the read we came across an accident.


The rest of the drive alongside the North Thompson River was perfect. Being a Sunday we missed all the construction traffic.

It seems that these doxies will be great RV travellers.

New fires are starting everyday.

As I said it was a short drive, only 68 miles to the Blue River RV Park. We had already booked this place back in March. That was based on us driving from Green Lake ( which we never went to because of the fires ) to Blue River. However our site was rented to someone else at the Dutch Lake RV park in Clearwater so we had to move down the highway just a bit.

We arrived at 2:50PM but discovered that our site had someone else in it. They had decided to stay longer. There was only one other site that we could fit into and finally got parked. It was extremely hot. We did have 30AMPs and turned on the one A/C. It simply kept shutting off even with the fridge on propane. The temperature outside was the same as the temperature inside but the breeze helped. After the fourth time of our A/C shutting done I went to the office.  They told me the it was because we were too big. I explained that 30 amps was 30 amps and we could not use more than anyone else. Even their wifi would not work. Finally Colin did some checks and the voltage was very high. Our surge protector kept shutting us down. Best to go without AC and not blow the fridge or microwave/convection oven. At 8:30PM it was 83F inside  and outside it was 73F. Fortunately I had a fish chowder in the freezer and we were able to cook that on the stovetop.

Now that was a long day. Fortunately the girls had no idea that anything was amiss.




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6 Responses to “Good thing it was a short driving day”

  1. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Why didn’t Colin just change the tire on the Jeep himself? We also always carried a small compressor to pump up a spare if it was low. I know that he is more than capable. Just curious.

  2. Contessa says:

    Because the tire bar that Jeep provided us is too short to use, no way to budge those nuts. We will have to buy a proper tire bar.

  3. Karen says:

    Those girls are super great travel mascots,looking like they love to watch the traffic going by ?

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Well hopefully that was your bout of trouble and the rest of the trip will go smoothly. I can’t believe the RV park let the people stay longer when you had the site reserved … that’s bad business 🙁

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