Jul 11, 2021

Saturday was our relaxation day

We are on a road trip and this is post #4 in that series. So if you missed the other posts you can just go back and check them out.

There is almost a daily change over of RV’s here and  as they clear out in the morning we have a great lake view.

While I slept in Saturday Colin took the girls for a long walk.

Carlie absolutely refusing to go onto the dock. Her toenails are dug is as best as she can do.

Such a tranquil location.

Carlie wants in on all the action.

What a great location.

This is our morning set up for the girls.

In the previous posts you can see our afternoon set up. This is the first time that we put our chairs inside the pen. During the afternoon we sit in front of the RV in the shade.

Here I have been joined by a four year old and her 2 year old ( or slightly younger ) brother. They simply invited themselves in and figured out how to get into the pen.

It has been like a million years since I was with young ones like this. The questions never stopped. Our girls were not too happy. The girl put her toes on mine and looked me in the eye. Her dad came along and when he spoke to me she put her face next to mine and said ‘excuse me’ and asked her next question. Simple things like why were my shoes off, ” because my feet are hot ” so she took her shoes off. Her dad asked why her shoes were off and she said ‘because my feet are sticky”.

She ( can’t remember her name ) was most intelligent and persistent. When I told her that she was smart she said that she knew that. I was blown away by her Q & A.

These kids had asked much earlier in the day to come and visit. Their dad brought them over after asking permission. The boy was hesitant at first.

A lovely family. None of them had ever had a dog before so this was a teaching moment. Just look at their smiles.

Look at Carlie’s elegant stretch. She is no longer sitting like a frog and has developed a lovely side sit.


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2 Responses to “Saturday was our relaxation day”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Kids can be exhausting with their questions 🙂 Beautiful pictures of Colin’s morning walk!

  2. Judith says:

    I am laughing. Nothing like a smart inquisitive little kid!! And you had two this morning, bold as brass and out for the world and what it holds. Looks like the second pair were a wee bit more polite and restrained. Of course, they were also older. The girl dogs probably didn’t care about which were which as long as they were treated well.

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