Jul 07, 2021

The egg salad is ready

That means that we are about to set off  Thursday morning on our third and final road trip of the summer in the RV. We had made a plan long ago but have had to modify the first three days based on local fires where we were going. We will still be going thru some smokey areas but once past we should be just fine.

These are a mix of never before published photo. No reason other than the fact that the girls are so cute.

Colin took the RV in last Tuesday, June 29th. Freightliner in West Kelowna solved the first problem easily. We were smelling exhaust coming from the bedroom.  Our bed is on the engine.  Turns out the smell  ( called blow by ) is normal for a diesel engine. In our case because it is under the bed and the configuration of our chassis the exhaust gets sucked back into the coach. They attached a tube to the engine so that the blow by would be directed under the rear bumper.

Colin asked them to quickly check the A/C.  Turns out that sometime over the past few years, perhaps caused by vibration/or no reason that we know of, that a tube began rubbing and eventually got a hole in it.  Ever so slowly the freon has been leaking. However the repair would take 30 hours of labour. We could not wait and were leaving tomorrow. Very long story short a brilliant manager came up with another solution which involved many steps. Basically they cut the part out and sent it out to radiator shop to be remade. They actually created a new part – just like the Mexicans do.  Freightliner just had to crimp it back in. Unheard of but the radiator shop loaned the install machine to Freightliner.  It took time but the RV was ready Tuesday afternoon.  Best of all it only cost us $1300.00. I can’t believe that we were charged $1000.00 to repair the Jeep A/C last week.

We are eager to hit the road and relax.  Mostly it will just be us four for 12 out of the 14 days.  We are looking forward to quality time with the twins.

Driving in the Jeep.

We loaded in half the time. Now midnight and we are up very early in the morning.

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