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Jul 31, 2021

We end July with…..

…the calendar photo. This was the biggest hike of my life. Happy to have done it but it wasn’t as moderate as advertised 😯 There were three times that I was convinced that I was going to die. Proud to have accomplished what we set out to do. Will I do it again? Never 😥


Jul 30, 2021

Que pasa!

How smoky is it? The girls love to be outside, even more than before since our RV trip. They like to play, sleep outside and if they could they would eat outside. Often when they are in the house they will go out to drink from their water bowl on the top step or the […]


Jul 27, 2021

Doing well here, but have some challenges

Neither of us have stopped since we returned.  It took three days to unload and clean the RV. I did 14 loads of laundry in three days. Colin had to deal with one of our trees that almost doubled in size while we were going.  It really needed a trim. It took both of us […]


Jul 22, 2021

Home Sweet Home

We arrived safely.  The girls traveled very well with no incidents. In fact they slept most of the way. We drove non stop other than a 20 minute break for them to do their business. All is well here at home, in fact there is a breeze that is blowing most of the smoke away […]


Jul 21, 2021

Banff & blog delay

From Rocky Mountain House we traveled to Banff this past Monday. It was mostly smoky but we did get a few  clearer glimpses of the mountains. My post today was to be full of photos and so it will be but not tonight. Of course I also have yesterdays’ adventures to write about. The posts […]


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