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Jun 18, 2021

Que Pasa

Everyday is a new adventure which mostly involves the girls. We have no control over what the adventure is going to be or how long it will take. We have noticed that since the last camping trip to Bear Creek Park some things have stayed with them. They don’t bark so much plus they listen […]


Jun 15, 2021

Minor blog housekeeping with a change

Many of you simply check my blog from day to day to see if I have posted. Several of you have subscribed by email so that my blog when published suddenly/magically appears in your inbox. That way you never miss a post – especially these days when I am not publishing daily. For those of […]


Jun 13, 2021

It really was an adventure of new firsts

We haven’t done much short time camping since we got our first RV back in 1999. We  initially did visit Desception Pass, Cannon Beach and a winter or two at Pismo Beach in Oregon. We also visited my parents in Edmonton a few times with stops in Jasper and Banff. It was always too cold […]


Jun 12, 2021

We are all enjoying this camping vacation

However we are home now. I had started this post several days ago. Sadly the internet was sparse, actually you might say non existent. I was able to use my iPhone hotspot to post that last post but then there was nothing. Disappointing as I was ready to publish this post. Only five nights away […]


Jun 08, 2021

First camping trip for the girls

We drove a whopping 20.9 miles to Bear Creek Provincial Park in West Kelowna. Our first time time driving the RV in over 15 months. So far everything is working perfectly. The Jeep towed behind as it should. Our only complaint is that it is cold, so very cold. Our first night we went down […]


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