Jun 27, 2021

Fort Langley, heat wave and our second jab!

Last Tuesday, the 22nd we enjoyed a family walk in the park. Lots of trees and shade. The girls are loving all the new things to sniff.  Our site had no sun until noonish and then we were in full sun. We took note of a few sites that will be better for us next time we visit.

I saw this on a few trees during our walk. They are water bags that save newly planted trees – deep water saturation helps reduce transplant shock and drought stress. They only need to be refilled every 5 – 7 days. Great idea.

It was a short walk as we were preparing for guests.  Colin had to be clever in order to figure out how we could all be in shade. It was a high of 88F which is warm for this time of year, the beginning of the current heat wave. The lighting made it difficult to take proper photos.

Karen and Dave are next to the RV and Pat is on my right. Pat and her husband John along with Karen Dave and us RVed together at Mr Moro’s in Guasave for certain in 2005 as well as another year or two either before or after. We recently saw Pat last week ( for the first time in a long while ) here in Lake Country but this was the first time we have seen Karen & Dave for at least 12 years. My memory is vague as to those dates.  2005 stands out as that was the year that Cloii died on February 2nd.

We had appetizers followed by a very late lunch or early dinner. Karen made Eggplant Parmigiana as the main course, it was very gourmet. Sadly my convection oven burned the cheese on top. Next time I will lower the temperature and put it on the bottom rack. It was still delicious.

Karen also made a lime cheesecake from scratch. It  was melt in your mouth heavenly.

Pat brought a lovely  fresh tuna and avocado salad ( bottle of vino blanco )to share and I filled in the blanks. You can see our large green patio umbrella in the background. It was a last  minute decision to bring it along.  Good thing we did. It was used daily in different areas.

It was a great reunion for us all.

The girls fit in perfectly.

This was the first of three sets of visitors to our site and they did very well with all the new people and were so quiet and polite.

In real time, today, Sunday the 27th, we are in the midst of an inferno of a heat wave. It seems that records are being broken over and over. Environment Canada announced that Lytton, B.C. hit 46.1 C / 115F by 3 p.m. today, a new national record for all of Canada. Colin recalls that we were in India with temperatures up to 45C/113F. The high here at home reached 42.7/109F! We were also asked to increase the setting on our air conditioners as there is danger of this entire area of loosing power. Yesterday we had three power outages in the area. So we are much warmer inside today at 85F – not intolerable but not comfortable. The thing is that tomorrow and again on Tuesday the temps are still going up. Because of the extreme heat many schools are closed tomorrow, Butchart Gardens in Victoria is closed until Wednesday and several “cooling centres ” are being opened to allow those in need to come in and cool down. According to CORD Emergency, cooling centres will have supplies of water, masks and hand sanitizer, and physical distancing measures will be in place. Masks are mandatory in the cooling centres.

As you can see, today I got my second vaccine shot. Colin was right behind me. Yes I am wearing a mask. We both got Pfizer each time. Only fourteen days to being fully vaccinated. We were fortunate to get the Pfizer as it is running low here at the moment. Moderna may be the only choice for a week or more.

Taken recently in Mazatlan. The water tanaca is melting in the heat.

So if we find it hot, think about your pets. 52C is 125F which means that if the air temperature is 25C / 77F then it is much much too hot to walk your pets.

We are finally cooling down at 8PM, down to 106F. So far my arm is sore to lift but hopefully that will be the worst.


PS, I did another new post yesterday in case you missed it.




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4 Responses to “Fort Langley, heat wave and our second jab!”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Unbearably hot here in Oregon as well. We are headed to the lake today to get away from the heat. Love the Treegator idea, will have to look into that!

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    So happy we live on the lake right now 🙂 Our first vaccine was Pfizer our second we had no choice and got Moderna. I was sick and very tired the next day but after that I felt great.

    • contessa says:

      So much cooler closer to the water. Sorry to hear that you had such a reaction. Now that that has past you can go forward knowing that you did the right thing by being vaccinated. The future awaits us.

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