Jun 18, 2021

Que Pasa

Everyday is a new adventure which mostly involves the girls. We have no control over what the adventure is going to be or how long it will take. We have noticed that since the last camping trip to Bear Creek Park some things have stayed with them. They don’t bark so much plus they listen more to our commands. Such as in the last minute I had to say ‘no or off ‘ three times about different items and they left them and moved on immediately. So poco a poco they are learning. They are even walking better on leash with not quite so much pulling.

Sweet chocolate donuts.

Sadly they are at the height of teething and we are finding lost teeth daily. I can smell that metallic door of blood. Today was very warm and they had both lost a few teeth yesterday and they chose not to eat. It was very warm at 30C/86F but we had a lovely wind so we didn’t put the A/C on, yet now at 8:15PM it is 83F.  A bit too warm now that the breeze has slowed. We are supposed to go up to 91F over the next few days.

Loving the heat of the patio.

I received a surprise email this past Monday from a good friend from 2003 and later, she mentioned that she would be in the area for the latter part of this week. Then her son decided to join us and took us out for dinner. Our first dinner in a restaurant in over a year. We went out last night to the local Greek House Restaurant. It was lovely sitting on the patio enjoying a visit with others whom we have not seen in many many years. I later discovered that Pat was staying here in the park in a condo with her friend Kit. Sadly I was so wrapped up in seeing Pat whom I have not seen in at least 16 years and her son Scott whom we met in February of 2019 ( just a month before we had to flee Mexico for Canada due to Covid ) that I neglected to take photos.

Our RV in front of our home. It just fits within our property lines. The fence line is just along the windshield.

There is enough room for another RV to pass by on the road as well as a firetruck. We are allowed to park in front for two nights loading and unloading.

Not quite backed up to the edge of the property.

The ladies also dropped by this morning for a tour of our yard and home. They were so generous in inviting us for a late happy hour but we were still working. Yes working, we pulled out the RV about noonish today. Colin has been cleaning and I have been slowly packing and loading. Our bedroom fantastic fan was working with we left Bear Creek last week, the 11th.  Today it did not work. Colin took it apart and cleaned all the corroded areas. While up on the roof he noticed that the caulking around our fans needed to be redone or we would be getting wet inside if it rained. So Colin had to dash off to get the right caulking and then get that done. Always last minute things to do. Fortunately the fan in now working.

Sunset two nights ago. Who brought Mr. Frog out?

We are off on yet another mini trip, this time to our old stomping grounds in Vancouver. Only four nights this time. I have to say that not once did the girls bark or whimper at us going back and forth from the RV to the house today. They did bark as he drove the RV up but once parked they settled down.  We brought them inside for a few minutes, then put them back in our yard. They were so good about it all, they already knew the drill of packing up.

So happy to live in paradise.


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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Very pretty sunset pictures! Have a great time in Vancouver 🙂

    • contessa says:

      I think that the most difficult part will be driving all those hours with the twins. They don’t do their business on command yet – working on it.

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