Jun 15, 2021

Minor blog housekeeping with a change

Many of you simply check my blog from day to day to see if I have posted. Several of you have subscribed by email so that my blog when published suddenly/magically appears in your inbox. That way you never miss a post – especially these days when I am not publishing daily.

For those of you who have chosen to have new blog posts sent to your mailbox you simply had to sign up by adding your email address, as shown above on the right under “Subscribe by Email”.  Google has decided to no longer offer subscription by email effective July 2021. So I, as well as many many other bloggers, are making the switch from ‘FeedBurner’ to ‘Follow It’. You my dear readers do not have to do anything. If you are currently receiving my posts automatically you do not have to do anything. The switch will be made automatically. However if you prefer to no longer receive my posts via your inbox then please send me an email to contessa549@gmail.com. It is not too late for those who have not signed up for auto delivery of a new post to add their email as shown above under subscribe by email. You will always have the option to sign up after the switch in July by entering your email address.

They love each other so much.

They aren’t called long dogs for nothing. FYI Carlie only weighs one pound more than Ciela.

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