Jun 13, 2021

It really was an adventure of new firsts

We worked with our flexible system and this time had us and the girls in the same pen.

This is the set up when we are stationary for a few days or more. The ramp goes almost to the top of the dash.  The girls need to jump a short distance to the dash.

We so loved out first weeny roast that we arranged  a second.

This time for dinner.

Here Colin added a cargo mat from the back of the Jeep to give the girls shade as they needed. So they scrambled from heat to shade and back again. Looks like we are starting to think like Mexicans – creative.

On our last full day, Thursday the 10th Colin took the girls for a long. uphill hike while I slowly awoke.

On our last full day, Thursday the 10th, Colin took the girls for a long uphill hike while I slowly awoke. Such a beautiful area.

The girls were obviously having a blast.

We haven’t done much short time camping since we got our first RV back in 1999. We  initially did visit Desception Pass, Cannon Beach and a winter or two at Pismo Beach in Oregon. We also visited my parents in Edmonton a few times with stops in Jasper and Banff. It was always too cold so obviously we needed to head further south to Mexico.

The girls were pretty good on the way back home but Ciela threw up twice.  She is also the one who upchucked way back when we started puppy classes. So now I know to hold back food several hours before travel. We also did have three pees over two evenings inside the RV on the carpet, once by one and twice by her sister.

I did find two teeth that the girls had lost as we were returning home. About the same size but one a tiny bit smaller. Perhaps that is what made Ciela upchuck.

We have a different set up while driving.

Here the girls go up the ramp to a stool where they jump to the right onto my seat. From the red cover on my seat they jump onto the foot rest ( covered  in a dog blanket with circles ) and onto the dash.  Can you see them here? They are wrapped in that light pink blanket just above the foot rest.

They were happy to be home but no more than enjoying the new adventures at Bear Creek.

The first shot was Carlie and this is Ciela. It took her two days to get back to her normal. I think it was the tooth or teeth she lost.  We have no idea if one pup lost both or if they each lost one. I do have the teeth.

I asked Colin what the three highlights of this mini trip were for him? He said that the beach with the girls, the  wiener roast and the overall camping experience. I said that mine were enjoying the girls on the beach, having them come up to me over and over to kiss me and tell me how happy they were with these new adventures and of course having two wonderful campfires complete with wiener roasts.

This was just the first of three camping trips this summer. The second starts in a week. Be sure to check back soon.  Of course you can always sign up so that you don’t miss a new post, each new blog will be delivered directly to your mail box.












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8 Responses to “It really was an adventure of new firsts”

  1. Cat in KC says:

    Your girls are sooo adorable and looked like they were definitely having a blast. Are you guys hoping to go to the Isla this year? I can see that these two would totally love it there!! 🙂

    • contessa says:

      If we are sealer to travel to Mexico we will. Once there we do intend to keep to ourselves. We can’t go into Mazatlan for evenings with the new pups. It will be a different winter but oh so warm.

  2. Looks like the girls had a blast on their walks!

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow, looks like lots of fun.

  4. What a beautiful camping spot you had and nice scenery. I would have enjoyed it too. The doxies had a great time judging from the photos and you really are spoiling them with that setup at the dash. The metal enclosure that you set up for the doxies is a good idea and I think we might look into that as well. However, the question is always where to store it and you have so much more room to do that.

    • contessa says:

      We consider the fencing a priority so either in the back of the car or a basement in the RV. Yes we have more room but we need to take all the food that we do to Mexico with us. So much easier staying in the US and buying in the US. We also have to takeall the dog food for 5 -6 months.

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