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Jun 29, 2021

The last of our visit to the lower mainland

Our last day in Fort Langley on Wednesday the 24th was a full one. It started with a 9AM visit from long time friend Ferne who lives in the area and whom we met on the Isla. Our allotted two hours flew by but Ferne had to head off to an important luncheon.  We were […]


Jun 27, 2021

Fort Langley, heat wave and our second jab!

Last Tuesday, the 22nd we enjoyed a family walk in the park. Lots of trees and shade. The girls are loving all the new things to sniff.  Our site had no sun until noonish and then we were in full sun. We took note of a few sites that will be better for us next […]


Jun 26, 2021

Lovely afternoon spent with Gramma Katie

In real time we are back from Fort Langley. We got back about 5PM this past Thursday. All is well. Now back to last Monday the 21st. It was difficult for me, well for all of us, to leave Katie and Louie. It was just dark as we got back to the RV Park in […]


Jun 21, 2021

Second road trip, time determined by a variety of issues

Colin set up with a pee pad behind the ramp within a pen so that if they had to go they could. Our first stop was at 10:15 just as we got onto the highway. Fortunately there was a bus stop right there to pull over into. Something was beeping from the car tow brake. […]


Jun 20, 2021

Happy Day to all who are fathers!

We are off early ( hopefully ) this morning enroute to Fort Langley  where will will spend four nights. Our challenge will be to see how the twins manage this longer drive.


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