May 01, 2021

50th Anniversary -Covid style

I was part of the grade 12 graduating class of 1971. Our grad theme was ” La Vie En Rose”. There were 37 of us that graduated that year, all girls. Yes, I attended a French based school called Academie Assomption, in Edmonton, Alberta, that was run by nuns.  There is a large Francophone community there. Today we celebrated our 50th anniversary 😀

Grade 7

Enhanced with a bit of Colin magic.

I have met from between two to ten of my fellow students who are extraordinary friends each time I have traveled to Edmonton, either to see my parents or deal with their final affairs and over the past few years seeing my wonderful chiropractor as well as enjoying a very long lunch and sharing the que pasa of our lives. They have comforted me as needed, driven me to the airport, to hospitals or whatever was needed. We will always remain special friends.

Grade 9

Better to see me – sort of.

Today was the first time time that 17 of us have come together virtually. Some were unable to join us, a very few have not been found and sadly four have passed tragically and at such a young age. We toasted them and made many other toasts as well. Today we had folks from Edmonton, Vernon, Kelowna, Vancouver and Hawaii.  I might had missed a few cities. Someone living in France was unable to join us at the last moment.

Grade 11, we had no grade 12 yearbook.

Thank you Colin for these larger photos. Yearbook photos are so tiny.

Zooming was an experience for me. I had tried earlier to no avail. Long story short Colin recalled that when I had the new hard drive installed in early March that the tech had left a wire hanging which Colin pointed out, it was the mic wire.  So he reopened my computer and re installed it. Just this past Thursday Colin took my desktop in, turns out that the mic was covered with adhesive tape. However today ( despite my one test after the repair ) many were unable to hear me. I was  disappointed but it was still so much fun to catch up with everyone. I did get my two cents in by putting my mouth right next to the computer. Guess what we will be dealing with next week?

At one point while Colin was walking the girls I heard a loud thump at the window. Turns out it was this wee one who was lying flat on his back.  Colin got it sorted out and put it on an artificial plant on an outdoor table. It did eventually flew away.

Those who came to the prom in 1971. I am in the middle row, third from the left with the emerald green ribbon ( empire style ) on my softer pale green gown.

I and my dream date ( Michel – from church ) are on the extreme right – yup he was wearing a tux. He had asked me to his cousins graduation in 1970 so we were chums. He would not even kiss me, my dad, a policeman, must have scared the you know what out of him. We hung out a bit for a few years but nothing developed thanks to my Dad.  May 1, 1971, truly was a lovely way to leave high school and move on with my life, in my case nursing school.

We went for close to three hours. Look at all these from the heart smiles. I was frowning trying to figure out how to capture the moment.

Shortly after we had a rain shower followed by a lovely rainbow.

A great way to end my day. So many wonderful and special memories. Love the light as the sun begins to go behind the mountains.

I think that we had a great reunion, despite this pandemic.  The best is yet to come.


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5 Responses to “50th Anniversary -Covid style”

  1. SandyM says:

    I loved seeing your high school classmates and that you were able to have a reunion of sorts. So great to catch up on what is happening in their live now. There is a bond with your high school friends that is enduring – some more then others. What a wonderful time for you.

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    So cool that you were able to meet up with your classmates after all these years!

  3. Nice you were able to have a reunion like that.
    Lots of people use Headphones or Earbuds to avoid those problems.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Sound like a very fun way to make the best of a COVID reunion 🙂 The last picture is stunning!

  5. Karen says:

    My what lovely pictures of all the ladies and Contessa you have not changed a bit, you’re still so young looking, that must have been an awesome 3hours spent, so special.

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