Mar 21, 2021

Wiggly wiggly piggly

The photos for this post were taken seven days ago on March 10th.  Here they are trying to attack each other through the playpen.

As they grow they have become so squirmy. Colin can no longer take two out at a time. The one left behind now barks at the injustice at being left behind. Their personalities are beginning to emerge.

Sadly at puppy class last Wednesday one of Ciela’s back paws got stepped on by one of the ladies in the class.  From her screams I thought that she was dying. By the end of the class she could walk on it a bit but was stressed. She is now perfectly fine.



So today I need to confess that I, yes me, stepped on Carlie’s front right paw today in the bedroom. Somehow they got thru the barricades.  They are smarter than us and quite capable of breaking free. I was the only one in the room sorting the laundry when suddenly I felt and heard a squeal behind me. Trust me, it hurt me much more the her.  She did take a few hours to recover but in no time they were chasing each other outside ( in the cold ) all over the lawn. I am still upset about it.

I was getting food out of the freezer fo dinner. They now know the sound of the freezer door as that is where their frozen beans come from. Which they love.

I am not sure when I last updated you about my good friends who were in ICU with Covid. The husband got out of ICU a few days ago and today my dear friend  got out as well.  Of course they are still on the Covid ward in recovery but they will survive and get home – soon we hope.

Toe dremeling time. They get one tiny tiny treat ( cut in 4 ) for each toe. Ciela is okay with it.

Carlie not so much. But she was appreciative of the treats.

I want to welcome a very special reader to the comment section of my blog.  Michelle recently found my blog and has spent the past two weeks reading from the beginning to the end.  And she even enjoyed it 😉  I so appreciate your comment Michelle. One day perhaps we will meet on the Isla or somewhere else in Mexico. Looking forward to hearing from you as I move forward with the blog. Again I have been remiss in my postings ( and my comments ). But two puppies 😯  It is more difficult that I thought ( perhaps my age ). But they are each so very special and we love them so.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  There are many more to come.

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10 Responses to “Wiggly wiggly piggly”

  1. Sandie says:

    I am loving your posts showing how the girls are growing and getting into so much trouble. They are beautiful.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    That’s great news about your friends, hopefully they are home soon!

    • contessa says:

      Not sure when that will be as they are still dealing with low O2 levels. Fortunately their daughter plans to fly in to be with them and make their return easier on them.

  3. Even though it is a painful lesson that is something the pups will remember.
    Glad your friends are recovering.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Yes and today they brought down a gate which made a great deal noise. They were frightened. Hopeful they might stop trying to break out.

  4. Dolores says:

    Oh, the drama!!!! Luci screams as if I am cutting her toes off if I even try to trim… Leave it to a groomer or the vet. It’s too traumatic for me! And of course she knows that.
    They are so darn cute!!!!

    • contessa says:

      Colin is pretty good at dremeling toes. The trick is to start them when they are puppies so that they are used to it. Caeli used to lie on her back with her pass in the air and have a nap while he did her toes. Carmeh on the other hand did not like it but tolerated it.

  5. Michelle says:

    Thank you for the shout out! The girls are cuter by the day. I have four children, so I understand a handful! But so worth it:) I’m wondering if they will be attracted to the lake as it gets warmer…

    • contessa says:

      Wow, four children is a huge amount of work. I was the oldest of four and my mom kept saying that she would never do it again. Doxies usually don’t like water so it will be interesting.

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