Mar 19, 2021

Every day is different

Taken March 6th. All of our dachshunds  have often slept with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed.

This a a third bed ( the first being their crate ) that is in the sun for 4 hours or so during the day. The one on the left loves laying on the bottom of the window sill. As you can see they are going to be doing dogs.

Normal behaviour.

Carlie is so cute. All of these photos were taken March 6th.

Gosh the days are just flying by.  And the twins are looking less and less like twins. Carlie the dark one is longer and has larger bones while Ciela remains petite. Her tan makings are a different colour than her sisters. However they remain attached to each other. If one won’t eat then neither will the other. They won’t just eat out of their kibble bowl, they go back and forth between the two bowls.  Some days they eat a lot and other days very little.

The berries from our Mountain Ash are falling. I looked  it up and it can be poisonous to dogs so Colin is removing all the berries ( March 7 ). Sorry birdies.

They just love being outside and to run and run, chasing each other. Just a few days ago we had a low of -9C/15.8F followed by a high of 10C/50F all in one day. Fine during the day but cold at night.  They have been sleeping for 7 hours for three nights in a row but are back to just six hours. Pretty good for 10 weeks. They cry to wake us up so they can go out and do their business.  Colin takes them out while I put a towel and their bedding in the dryer. I greet them at the door with a large warm towel that they appreciate.  They are always shivering when they come back in. While I hold them Colin is layering their bed with warm covers.  They usually go back to sleep for almost an hour.  Needless to say they love to lay under the fireplace.  We are slowly developing some routines.

Last Monday, the 15th, they received their second set of shots. Did you know that very large puppies are given the same amount of vaccine as a tiny miniature doxie?  That is ” the law” according to the vet.  Of course our girls had a reaction.  They became very lethargic. They were not interested in food, nor playing ( which told us that this was serious ).  They just lay there and barely moved.  We called the vets office on Tuesday and they had us bring them in to check them over.  All appeared fine. It took about another 4 hours before they began to interact. By Tuesday evening they were back to normal. In all honesty, I quite enjoyed the quiet time despite being worried.

In  answer to a comment, yes our lake has melted. In the last post my blog text was current but the photos were behind.

Taken March 6th as the sun was going behind the mountain. You can see the beginning of the lake melt on the right with the clouds reflecting in the water.

Because it has been so cold at night it is taking longer for the lake to melt as it refreezes. Unusual to see ducks walking on the lake.

Sometines they will sleep separately in the same bed and occasionally in different beds. When really tired they will go into the crate.

I was going to show more lake photos but it looks like I haven’t edited any photos after March 9th.  Yes, I am far behind.  Oh well, c’est la vie!.

The green harness has been put to the side as it is too small ( Carlie is larger ) and we have a replacement that is too large ( same size ).

The lake began to melt very quickly last Saturday, the 13th. You can see the water to the top left is flying freely. I found these lake photos.  It was rather fascinating to actually watch the lake unthaw, hour by hour.

Jsut at the bottom of our steps we had ducks enjoying a swim.

Just a few hours later you can see how much more has melted. Thin ice on the right.

This fellow just could not wait to get out to the water. He worked hard to get through the thick icy sludge. His wife had to turn back, it was very difficult. At least he can say he was the first kayak on the lake this season.

The very next day, Sunday the 14th we had a free flowing lake.

The lake was still half frozen when we returned from Mexico last March and now it is melted earlier.  The water level is higher than normal for this time of year and there is some concern about flooding. There has been a record high snow pack level in the mountains that feeds into our lake. Meanwhile we just keep enjoying each day as it comes and that includes puppy kisses and face licks.

Best part of the day!

We are getting closer so please keep doing the right thing. Even if you have had your vaccine shot please keep wearing your mask and don’t forget to social distance.





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8 Responses to “Every day is different”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Looks like spring has finally arrived, lets hope it is there to stay! I bet the puppies are enjoying the warmer weather and running around outside.

    • contessa says:

      Spring arrived and then the cold and wind returned. So very cold right now. However when we let the twins out they don’t feel the cold.

  2. Seeing the little puppies develop from day to day is like having a baby. They grow up so fast. I bet you are so enjoying watching their antics and notice advances all the time. It will be great once the weather warms up enough to leave them outside for longer periods.

  3. The puppies are looking good as they grow. I don’t agree with the Vet that the small puppies get the same vaccines as full grown dogs. That could be deadly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the coming Spring.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      I agree with you Rick and I don’t agree with the vet. However those are the laws for the pets for the owners that be. Personally we have not given our pets the rabies vaccine for many years. the first two reacted violently and I put my foot down. So we paid for the vaccine but it was not injected.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I wish the whole world could read those words of wisdom. Yes, we got our shots but are still wearing masks and social distancing. It’s the best thing we can do for everyone else.

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