Feb 14, 2021

This past Friday ( the 12th )was another one of those days

On the 4th of February I was to take my computer in for repairs but the fellow had to postpone to Friday the 12th. He was supposed to call us when the parts were in.  We never heard from him all of last week despite leaving texts, voicemails and emails. We also did not have his address as he was working from home during Covid. The appointment was at 10AM. So I simply put his name in Google to try and find an address and was quite surprised at what I found. He has had several reports to the Better Business Bureau as well as many news articles. Turns out that he is shyster and is well know for not returning calls for months and months. Even worse if he has your computer, folks have waited over a year to get it back. He was in trouble for using the funds of a Go Fund Me that he did for friends. 10K simply gone. Allegedly the CRA ( Canada taxes ) took half of it due to an outstanding account. Remember the 2018 Humboldt Broncos crash. He started to sell T shirts on line to collect funds for the team. People sent in their money but never got the shirts.

As I was learning of this Colin received a text saying that he would have to cancel for yet another week. Phew!  Saved from a serious problem. We had already decided to not use him. Colin had taken on the chore of finding a repair place and had found this guy and it all appeared to check out on the surface. There are only a few choices here in Kelowna for computer repairs and my best solution was to go with Simply Computing who are still closed due to smoke damage from a fire. I can’t wait until sometime in March. So I Googled “repairs for Apple products in Kelowna” and came up with the perfect company. They have been in business since 2011, have a proper office, an outstanding website and are so very organized. We spoke on the phone for thirty minutes and this tech totally understood my needs and will simply clone my old hard drive onto the new one. He only charged a $70.00 diagnostic fee as a deposit which will go towards the entire repair. The final price is within a few dollars of the first quote. He is an authorized Apple technician. Gosh, I wish we had found him years ago. While I was still on the phone with him I got a receipt for the fee and a second email with a proper ticket number. He will do the repair on the same day. They are on the second floor and he offered to come down and carry the computer upstairs for us. Really nice guy. He has the SSD in stock but needs to order the RAM and Monday is a holiday here in our province and hopefully the Ram will come in on Tuesday. So it sounds like it will all work out.

I had a chiropractic appointment in Vernon at 11:30AM which we both forgot about as we chatted about the new tech. So suddenly it was rush rush rush to get out of the house. Something was wrong with the car.  The air ride suspension would not work and we were riding on the suspension. Rather bumpy. As we drove I called the Jeep dealership in Vernon and was told that likely the line was frozen due to the cold temperatures we have been having and we should put the car in a warm garage.  Sorry but we don’t have a garage.  He said not to drive it much as it might damage the suspension. We kept driving but carefully. The car did thaw out and started to work by the time we were ready to drive back to Kelowna. However we had the same problem when we went out on Saturday so the car will be going in Thursday morning.  There is a possibility of condensation being in the lines. The following photos are not directly related to my writing.

The edges of both Wood and Kalamalka lakes were frozen. I was on the phone with the Jeep dealership when I saw strange white wispy clouds hovering over Kalamalka. Wish I was better able to see it and get more shots. Must be something to do with the cold air hitting the lake. The chiropractor asked if we had seen it driving in.  She describes it as so beautiful that it brought tears to her eyes.

We had errands that needed to be done before we drove home. Colin made a point of putting the front of the car in the sun each time we stopped. At our first stop I discovered that I had left Fridays list at home and taken Saturdays list in error. So I sat and did my best to try and recreate the list. We forget a few minor items that we picked up Saturday. We had to pick something up at Canadian Tire and it turns out the item had gone up $10.00 as the sale ended Thursday. I even had the price on my iPhone but no go. So we left. While sitting in the car Colin decided to go back in to customer service and buy it anyway. The lovely lady said that she would honour the sale price 😀  Our last stop was to pick up dinner, I had forgotten but not Colin. We really enjoy Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake pizza. They had a 20% off promotion for the Valentine weekend. Another savings. I like to add more cheese and it is a tasty meal. Sadly the franchise here is no longer operating so we only can get it when we are in Vernon.

Skaters going down the lake in the midst of snow flurries this morning. We could barely see them.

Finally we were on the highway headed for home, the sun was shining and the car was working properly. There was a large semi in the right lane slowly going up a hill.  We were already in the left lane when I screamed but Colin was already correcting. Thank goodness he is a two foot driver. Those extra seconds to move his foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal might have been too late. There was a young lady driving a tiny blue car directly  behind the semi. I guess she was impatient with her slowed speed and she made a quick turn of the wheel towards our lane.  She never even shoulder checked  but just headed right towards us. Colin did what he had to do.  She must have been shaken as she pulled back in behind the semi. As we passed she was smiling and her male passenger was laughing.

Later this Valentine morning the snow changed to lovely fat flakes.

It took a few moments for me to settle. Colin is such a good driver. He is always watching and is prepared. We had to drop my books off at the library and finally got home. I was too worn out to post about the day.  Even posting about it now I am emotionally worn out. Yes Friday was certainly one of those days. To be honest I really did not want to go out again on Saturday but we have a few deadlines that we have to meet by next week end.

I hope that you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day. We were pleasantly surprised by some falling snow. So pretty to watch it fall. The temps rose a bit today and so it did eventually melt. Funny how after the arctic air, we now consider -8C/18F warm. The geese are just coming in now for the evening. We never saw them when it was so cold.

-47C is -52.6F.

Some fun thoughts for my American readers.

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6 Responses to “This past Friday ( the 12th )was another one of those days”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Sure glad you found out about the computer guy before he had your computer! Good luck with the new guy. I got a good laugh out of your last picture 🙂

    • contessa says:

      The new guy is going to be my new go to guy. Glad that you laughed but the funny thing is that most of it is true. I never ask distance in miles but in how long does it take to drive there.

  2. Frank Amon says:

    Hi Countessa- we have a Jeep Grand Cherokee as well and experienced the exact same problem as you did with the air suspension. We live in Kamloops, and it was very cold last week. While driving, the message center said that the suspension system needed immediate attention. It did this twice, then didn’t appear again. The suspension dropped down and was rough riding. I got it into the shop a couple days later, they checked it all out and it was working perfectly. They downloaded the faults from the message center, but couldn’t find anything wrong. Their diagnosis was that there was moisture in the air system, which froze up, then cleared itself as we drove. It is working as normal again. The bill was $207 basically to tell us what you learned over the phone. If you are still having a problem, perhaps find a public indoor parking area and leave it there for a few hours to thaw out.

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of the blog Frank. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this comment. As we have a few more days before the appointment with the dealership we will check out how the Jeep operates on a daily basis. The temps are warming up some might be alright. However the cat is out of the bag. We will be have to go pick up our twins next week and we are concerned about the temps thru the mountains. We still might take it in for peace of mind.

  3. livingrichonthecheap says:

    So glad you found a decent place to have your computer fixed before it was too late with that other guy. Too bad he wasn’t prosecuted for fraud with that gofundme. We have a foot of snow after 3 days straight of snow falling. I can’t wait until it turns back to liquid sunshine! Hubby is so sore from shovelling everything by himself, usually, I help him.

    • contessa says:

      I can’t believe how much snow the Island is having. Sorry about all the shovelling hubby is doing. All winter our snow has been heavy but today it is very light and easily moved.I am so relived that we found out about this idiot before turning over the computer. Someone its looking out for us up there.

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