Feb 04, 2021

Where has the time gone?

Colin and I seem to fit so much into each day that I am running out of time to read. Colin however always makes time for his guitar, no matter what. I’m more like ” I have to finish this first” and then something else pops up, etc. Lately I have been letting the blog lapse a bit. I mean you just all must be getting tired of seeing our wildlife photos over and over. Hope you enjoyed my last post. Pretty special. I have had four appointments outside of the house in the last seven days, which is time consuming and tiring.

Last Friday on our drive to Vernon, we saw this reflection of Oyama onto Wood Lake.  We were surprised to see that Wood Lake was starting to freeze in a few areas.

We lost our computer repair guy 😯  He simply disappeared with no replies to email, text or phone call. Today was the day that my desktop was supposed to go in for a new hard drive. So yesterday Colin called a computer place we have dealt with in the past in the US. Good thing, as it turns out that they believe that I need to upgrade my RAM as well as change the hard drive. We were about to put an online order in for the parts when we got a call from the computer tech.  Turns out that all his social media was not working. So we ran our new ideas with him and he agreed. Except of course he needs to order parts. In the end, with shipping and the exchange rate we saved over $100.00 by letting him do his thing. Of course that delays my repairs until next Friday the 12th, the first day he has free. It will only cost 1/4th of a new computer which I just know would have brought me more troubles.

This past Sunday, the 30th, was snowman day here on our lake. This  guy was made by our neighbours. I contributed the carrot nose.

To the far right a good deal of folks had taken to the ice. Not sure where the smoke was coming from.  Perhaps a bonfire at the beach. Between the two people on the left and in the distance there is a snowman. Just a few hours earlier we saw a coyote prowling along this area.

So far I have had two chiropractic appointments since my stressed out day with Apple Support. I think we have come up with a good solution to the computer issue. Doesn’t hurt to keep your fingers crossed. There is always something that needs to be checked out and looked into. Way too much time online. Tonight I am trying a new recipe so that should be fun. We have been expecting snow all day and it still has not started. Yet they say that we will have up to 1 & 3/4 of an inch by morning.  Not good as I have an appointment in Kelowna tomorrow.  We don’t drive in the snow ( not worth the effort ) so I may have to cancel and pay the penalty. I am trying to cut down my chiropractor and massage appointments but still need them from time to time.

To our far left we had another snowman ( that makes three in one day and the only ones we have seen all winter )  along with ice fishing and of course they did light another fire on the ice, later in the afternoon.

Just this past Monday we got hair cuts and I got colour. Looking good. I went just a bit darker. We all realized that Colin’s hair is darker because he is no longer in the sun. On the way home we picked up Japanese take out for an early dinner which was great. Not as good as eating in but it is what we have to do these days. I know many are eating out but we are not.

The sun came out a few days ago, on Tuesday and everything was melting. We had highs of 43F. Is winter over?

Looks like winter may not be over. Yes we had an unusual winter ( while the Isla is having one of the coldest winters on record ). However it appears that we could still get snow and cold temperatures.  If we are lucky the polar vortex might miss us.

I mentioned earlier that we are expecting snow tonight.  It is raining and 36F. I can’t see how we will get over an inch of the white stuff tonight 😉

Yesterday we had well over a hundred geese land ( and tonight yet again ).

The geese just relaxed in the heat of the sun on the ice.

To their right we had a few Trumpeter swans. Quite a few had landed but only three stayed to sunbathe and rest.

Looking forward to watching the Super Bowl commercials. I have been told that there will be a dachshund commercial as well as John Travolta dancing with  his daughter. There is also going to be a commercial featuring a Canadian who helped an American family driving through Canada close to Christmas to visit their husband/father. They had never driven in snow pulling a trailer. Of course the Canadian saved the day 😀

I can’t imagine anyone I know nor you, my blog readers, doing something like this.

I alway love singing this song. Love the melody.


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12 Responses to “Where has the time gone?”

  1. You guys are lucky in BC with being able to get haircuts, massages and shopping. We are still pretty much in shutdown mode here in southern Ontario. I wonder why the geese are sleeping on the ice with no food source, but it is a nice site to see. Must be quite the spectacle when they take off. Hopefully your computer tech will get your desktop computer running smoothly again. Let us know how it turns out.

    • contessa says:

      It is so different how we all have different lockdown rules. Yes it is both a visual and auditory experience when they take off. Squadron after squadron and in full voice.

  2. livingrichonthecheap says:

    We are still enjoying our rain and a bit of sun here. Love the snowmen, particularly the first one, looks like the one from Frozen. Computer issues are stressful. We replaced our printer last weekend after many thousands of copies. What was stressful though was that we had a few hundred left in unused cartridges from July – fortunately, staples took them back and the difference between our returned cartridges and new printer was only $39 as was a floor model with no box. Hubby is good at wheeling and dealing with that kind of stuff.

    • contessa says:

      Glad you didn’t get too much snow. That was great that Staples took those older cartridges back. I think you might find that ink for the new printer is going to be more expensive. At least that is what happened to us.

  3. Good your lake is still solid.
    I’m certain Neil Diamond would not mid at this time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm.

    It’s about time.

  4. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    I never tire of your wildlife/bird/ snowman pictures. Keep them coming!

  5. Dolores says:

    Great blog! Covered almost everything…. Glad u r both doing well. Different than normal but well.

  6. Judith says:

    No way I’m getting tired of the views from your windows. You may be, but I’m not. Glad you are staying warm and safe and have the prospect of computer trials ending.

    • contessa says:

      Actually Judith we are not getting tired of our view as it really changes every day. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is put on my eyeglasses and rush to the window to check what there is to see. I can hardly wait to get my computer fixed.

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