Feb 01, 2021

Special treat for you all

A very dear friend sent this to me. It is from the semi finals of France’s Got Talent just this past December 2020.  The words are in French but you don’t need to hear them to enjoy this very short  2 1/2 minute extraordinary production.  It is beyond amazing and will stir you.  I did a rough translation for you. It is a story about how humans are responsible for the destruction of the environment and the wild/rain forests. As well as the extinction of many species and the near extinction of other animals. If we don’t make changes the planet will suffer. Each model reflects an animal almost instinct at this moment either from pollution, electrical lines, hunting the mandrill for its tender meat or trophy hunting.

Be sure the watch to the last few seconds as there is an even greater vision for you to see. We must work together, the life of this planet is in our hands. It is time for us to become aware of the seriousness of the situation and to act.


You might want to watch this a second time and watch it on a full screen.

The body paint was done by Johannes Stoetter.

It is my understanding that there are only 220 mandrills left on the planet. I did my best with the translation, if I missed something ( Colin L, Rae and others let me know ).


As I was about to finish this post I discovered another work of art by Johannes Stoetter done on Britain’s Got Talent. This is done in English so you can understand his message. Johannes Stoetter is taking to the BGT stage with an incredibly powerful message – that the future of the oceans depends on us all. Watch as he makes waves and brings his message to life in a beautifully unique way.  There is glimpse of the artist at the end of the video




I have had someone contact me that they can’t see the videos.  Here they are with a direct You Tube link.



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7 Responses to “Special treat for you all”

  1. Cat in KC, MO says:

    WOW!!! These shows are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing them. 🙂

  2. Wow Contessa,
    We decided to watch it on our big OLED TV, which is a smart TV with an incredible picture quality. We both were oohing and aahing at the performance.

  3. Those were both Amazing performance messages.
    We watched in awe as the stories unfolded.
    Most RVers practice that now but those with their Bigger is better attitudes need to change.
    Not only will there be a loss of Wildlife but that of one of our main food supplies if we don’t change.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. Paul says:

    Fantastic talent… Wow, mind blowing awesomeness.

  5. Jannose says:

    Roslin enjoyed the videos. Pretty talented people.

  6. SandyM says:

    Absolutely amazing!

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