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Feb 28, 2021

Our sweet girls

The twins are keeping us so busy that we have very little knowledge of what is happening in the world nor with Covid. I truly have no idea that two pups would wear us out this much. The thing is that what we do now affects our futures with them.  The smallest of things needs […]


Feb 26, 2021

Short nights and long days

The pups are doing really well. Having never been outside and loving it has made it easy to potty train them. Sometimes they actually run to the door to go out. Our job is to watch them while they are awake and get them outside as needed. We have had very few accidents. We don’t […]


Feb 25, 2021

It’s true, twins are double trouble

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I just don’t have a single moment to reply to them. I haven’t even turned on my iPhone today. Today was a marathon day but more about today tomorrow.  First I need to share our last day on the road. ****Breaking news!!!***** We just lost a puppy 😳 […]


Feb 24, 2021

Wind damage

Just before Christmas there was a significant windstorm. A huge tree came down in the garden area.   **********We have arrived home safely.  As you can imagine we are much too busy to create a new post. Loving and enjoying our chocolate stash. They are surprising us every moment. The loved coming home here and […]


Feb 23, 2021

Picked up our chocolate stash today

We spent last night in a king studio suite at the Hampton Inn and Suites. If you click here you can see the great room we had for only $103.00 per nite, senior rate. You have to click on the kingsstudio suite ( last one ) and where are photos to scroll through. I think it […]


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