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Jan 25, 2021

Not a good day for me

I am actually quite upset.  This is not going to be the fluffy fun snow day post I had planned to write tonight.  I want to yell out loud and cry a lot.  Instead I sat down and finished the last few chapters of my book along with 1 + 1/2 glass of wine.  I […]


Jan 24, 2021

Nothing to shout to the roof tops about

  We continue to hunker down, going out every 7 – 10 days for a medical appointment ( chiropractor or medical massage ) followed by small errands ( drop off a dremel to have the battery rebuilt as well as a cordless stick vacuum ), quick stop at the health food store, stop at the […]


Jan 20, 2021

New beginnings


Jan 19, 2021

Welcome visitors

We were so happy to return home last Friday after all of our errands. Even happier to see some swans way out there. Well that was a lovely welcome home.        


Jan 17, 2021

Snow and sun day

Last Friday was our weekly day out of the house for medical appointments, grocery shopping, fuel purchase and library stop, etc. We were out for five ours which is about three hours too many. We have become homebodies and other than our daily walk we are happy to just be here in our warm and […]


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