Jan 26, 2021

We just enjoyed two snow days

Update on my post yesterday.  I forgot to mention that tech guy #1 uses a 2015 computer exactly like mine while tech #3 is using a 2011 computer the same as mine. They are both running OS Mojave by choice as they think it is the best ever OS.  Yet they could not figure out my problem 😡  Tech #3 suggested I might be able to remove my HHD and put in a SSD but he wasn’t sure if it was possible and then someone would need the special tools to do it.  He thought that there was no way it could be done. It was almost as if he was hinting at something but was unable to tell me that it was possible according to Apple.  I have been researching all day and I think that it is doable but not easy.  However that is a post for down the road. Meanwhile many thanks to all who emailed with great suggestions and to those that commented with wonderful  ideas as well 😉

I hope to reply to your comments tonight but it is already 8PM and I need to write this post and then make dinner. So check back for my replies in a day.

Last Sunday and yesterday we enjoyed watching the snow fall and all that was related.

What a great view to wake up to on a Sunday (despite the refections in the window). Certainly different than Saturday’s sunny blue sky day.

Colin did his part in moving the snow around. Not too much fell but enough to shovel and to enjoy its beauty.

Sunday early afternoon I saw all these birds swarming just out my window, directly over the top of my computer.

They flew to the left and circled for a bit and then started to land in the trees to the right.

So many birds. This bunch travel in a flock and I have seen them over the past few weeks flying here and there. This is the first time I was able to get a photo. They are always on the move.

The snow fell most of the day and people seemed to congregate on the lake. This is our neighbour playing with her dogs.  First time they have been out on the ice.

Someone out to the right and quite far out had set up a tent for ice fishing.

Many out for walks.

Just behind the walkers in the above photo and to the left, another bunch of fishermen. They had chairs and as it got cooler they lit a fire. Seeing people out on the ice fishing was yet another first for us.

More snow was falling again on Monday morning.

The sun was coming out for just a few moments and I was trying to capture it when a plane flew past as it headed towards the airport.

I took very few photos yesterday as I was caught in the drama of my computer issue. It really did wear me out and I am still feeling the effects today. I actually have a sore neck and back today from the stress of being hunched over the computer so long and so intensely. I knew that I was still getting over the stress of it all when I went to pour a glass of wine at 5PM today and suddenly realized that I was filling a half full water glass 🙁 Thank goodness I only wasted an inch or so.

Thanks you all for being there for me.  I will get back to baked veggies and movies in a day or so.







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6 Responses to “We just enjoyed two snow days”

  1. Nancy & Doug Beglaw says:

    Thanks for making just a regular day interesting Contessa! The people on the ice do give me a bit of anxiety as I have an unfounded fear of walking on lake ice. As far as lighting a fire ON the ice, I nearly needed to pour myself a scotch!!! Thanks again for the nice “wintery” post.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Those people walking on the lake are still crazy in my mind. Our weather hasn’t been cold enough this year to give the lake a good freeze … and then to sit around a fire??? Just crazy 🙁

  3. Judith says:

    Ah geez. I hate computer trouble. In spite of all you have posted some photos and thank you for that!!
    I share the previous commenters’ trepidation about the ice activity! Though once long ago I did skate on a pond. Long ago.
    I hope you can get some help with the computer stuff soon. (I’ve got a mac mini, reconditioned when I bought it, that has worked like a charm for 4 years. Sierra. It didn’t cost me much grief to go beyond Mojave, because I was already having enough trouble making the change from Microsoft photo program to iPhoto. Apple does seem to want to make a lot of decisions for you with each OS change. I resent that. But better that than the constant updating from Microsoft.)
    Best wishes for progress!!

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