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Jan 31, 2021

2021 calendar and January

2018 saw us checking out some new roads and vistas.  This is the cover of our 2021 calendar. We spent two days visiting Arches National Park.  Day one and more photos can be found by clicking here and day two can be found here. If life allows us to, we plan to return to enjoy […]


Jan 30, 2021

Movies and baked veggies

A few readers have recently asked about how I bake our veggies.  First just choose whatever veggies you enjoy. Some taste really different when baked such as broccoli and cauliflower.  If you are adding carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes or other root vegetables you will want to cut them small so that they bake faster but […]


Jan 29, 2021

We relished our snow day yesterday

We woke up to a good snowfall and it continued to fall until late afternoon. It was another chiropractic appointment for both of us and of course Colin was in trouble for so much high up reaching and tilting his head back. Needless to say all the stress this week had me twisted. We really […]


Jan 28, 2021

Que pasa

The computer incident was Monday. I spent a good deal of Tuesday working on my computer based on a fixit article sent by a caring blog reader.  It made sense and as I worked I took notes. Meanwhile I have realized that we have had several stressful incidents in the past few weeks. We found […]


Jan 26, 2021

We just enjoyed two snow days

Update on my post yesterday.  I forgot to mention that tech guy #1 uses a 2015 computer exactly like mine while tech #3 is using a 2011 computer the same as mine. They are both running OS Mojave by choice as they think it is the best ever OS.  Yet they could not figure out […]


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