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Oct 22, 2021

Yesterday and tomorrow

Yesterday, October 21st was the day that we would have headed south had the border been open. I was surprised to see that it is 10:35PM.  I am on a roll and don’t want to stop. Colin made me a small grilled cheese sandwich for protein and energy, it was yummy. The wine is flowing. […]


Oct 20, 2021

A few updates

All I do everyday is deal with the must do’s. The priority was dealing with reservations heading south. I got the last site in our favourite RV Park in Las Vegas. I started by making a list of what is at the top if my mind, that is almost done with. Although I almost forgot […]


Oct 17, 2021

Breaking news

The decision has been made. Colin wants the girls to enjoy the beach and not the snow. We are heading south to Mexico. But then yesterday my foot acted up again. Is this ever going to go away, it has been four weeks? So now we are hesitant. The last time we were to the […]


Oct 14, 2021

Plans keep getting changed

This blog post was to discuss the possibility of shipping our RV and the Jeep across the border and flying over on a charter plane. Colin has been against it but because so many were doing it this year I did some investigation. Long story short, it would cost us $4,200.00. Gulp 🙁 It is […]


Oct 12, 2021

Adios dear garden, hola the cold fingers of winter & bad news for the Isla

From Google….This particular fog, called a steam fog, forms when cold air drifts across relatively warm water. The lake water evaporates into the air above the lake surface. … The air is cooled and moistened, causing the dew point to increase. As the dew point approaches the air temperature, condensation occurs, forming fog droplets. Sadly […]


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