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Dec 31, 2020

Prospero Año Nuevo


Dec 30, 2020

More snow!

We awoke this morning to light flurries then the snow stopped. We did get close to 4.5 inches of snow overnight. The forecast was that we would have more snow all day today. I feel cheated. If I had a wish, it would be that I could watch the snow fall and walk in it […]


Dec 29, 2020

Que Pasa

The days pass by rather quickly. Something new to see everyday. We find it difficult to believe that we have had such a mild winter thus far. Others are complaining about the snow but we love it. I was very lazy yesterday and never left the house. I may have never actually got dressed yesterday  […]


Dec 27, 2020

A story of golf balls and a coyote!

We could not have had a better Christmas morning. Who needed stockings and gifts? It took us a while to get back to sitting next to the tree. This staying home for the holidays isn’t so bad. I wonder if this happens here every year? Also where the heck do all the golf balls come […]


Dec 26, 2020

Perfect Christmas

If we had to be home for Christmas then I wanted it to be white and it was. No need to have the snow actually falling, just to see it on the ground, on all the pines in the hills and on the lake was all we needed. That was followed by dinner and a […]


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