Nov 18, 2020

Things are moving slowly or quickly

Colin watched the entire launch ( Sunday ) and docking on Monday  of the Space Shuttle. I liked this shot of the Canadian Arm as it neared the Space Station.

I remember being at the Calgary zoo looking at the monkey exhibit when it was announced that man had first landed on the moon. What a world we live in now.

The fence is moving slowly. In part because of the weather and in part because there are so many measurements with this custom fence.

The fence did arrive on Monday.

Tuesday we awoke to a low snow level and low clouds.

A different view of the mountains as we headed home.

I had Colin stop the car before we neared our turn. I wanted to show you our home from the highway. Hard to see  in the photo but actually it is easy to see because  of the colour of the house.

As we were out for a few hours on Tuesday ( yesterday the 17th ), we of course came back to a fence problem. We had him redo three sections as one was very obviously sloping down a few inches on one side. It was because the ground slopped down toward the lake. We wanted it straight across the top. The fence guy is very good at what he does but he did say that this is the first time he has done one like this and it also involves five different fence types. Plus we always do things differently than most 🙄

A most unusual sunset Tuesday. It did not last too long but was very pretty.

Zoom! Last night was our first experience with the online Zoom platform.Things are moving fast for us. Because of Covid we could not have the annual grand dinner and presentation at the Country Club. The company arranged a one hour event complete with a few fun things and a big treat.

At one point we were asked to open our front door and to check what was there. Sure enough two white boxes were sitting there. We never heard anyone come near the house. There was this apple and the other was a pear. They were from Karat, a chocolate store here in Kelowna. These delicacies included a good deal of chocolate mousse, one of my favourites. What a lovely way to end the evening.




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4 Responses to “Things are moving slowly or quickly”

  1. All the space shuttles have been retired. What you were witnessing was the docking of a Commercial Capsule to the International Space Station. It was History Making.
    Hopefully you have had the worst of the Winter Weather at this time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Thank for the correction. However I still consider it a space shuttle and I heard the TV people calling it that. I would also offer that not using the word International along with pace Stion is not a big deal. We all know what it is. But good to be corrected on the formality of it all.

  2. Sally says:

    Thank you for the pics of your beautiful home nestled in there. Looks like a very lovely place to live.

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