Nov 16, 2020

The big project reveal

The hedge was removed on October 3oth. It cost us an extra $300.00 for the clean up but was worth every penny. I’m sure that most of you have figured out that we are putting in a fence. The materials were delayed an extra week. The fence should have started to go up on November 4th. Apparently so many are building and doing renovations during this time of the Corona virus that it is this common to have delays. Our materials should have arrived November 5th but were delayed until November 12th but turned up in Kelowna seven days ago on November 9th 🙄

The first step happened on a foggy morning with many ducks swimming around.

However on November 9th, exactly a week ago today, the fence guy was not home. He had not been told of the delivery and would have been there to accept it had he known. So our fence materials drove around the province for a few days. The shipments were to deliver November 12th and then Friday the 13th 😯

On November 2nd, management had to come and approve the fence string line. You can see how much more area we are gaining now that the hedge is gone.

On Friday the 13th, my builder guy, Frank, was very upset. So he made arrangements to go to wherever the shipment was on his day off, Saturday the 14th, to pick up the fence materials. Apparently it took a good part of Saturday to track it down and then try and find the product in a huge warehouse and finally get them loaded on his trailer. He did say that he would start the build today, Monday the 16th. Note, the materials were actually here seven days ago but never landed 🙁

Frank immediately started installing the fence posts. At this point he was hoping that the supplies would arrive sooner than later.  He did all the digging by hand.

Meanwhile we did have some preparation happenings pre fence arrival.

Holes were dug down two feet and steel posts were put in and then cemented it. This happened on November 2nd.

Someone was giving away 24 x 24 x 2 cement slabs. We were lucky enough to get them before anyone else.  You can’t beat free.

We have a plan of moving our shed about 6 inches to the east and then roughly 18 -20 inches to the north.

Colin did a fabulous job of levelling the cement slabs to match the cement coloured patio.  So basically the shed will move to the the left on the coloured part and toward the truck about six inches.  This will give us more front patio space.

However in order to move the shed, it needs to be emptied and then moved into its new place. That will have to wait until the spring. It sounds simple but it does take a good deal of effort on our part.

Long story short, our new neighbours were willing to pay for 50% of the new fence that is between us. However between the legal measurements and the fence string line it showed that they were actually on our property by a few inches. We actually could legally cut into their deck. They are a pie shaped lot but with the small end at the lake, only giving a small list vista onto the lake. The fence post was put right next to their deck. They were upset and so we negotiated to give/loan them 24 inches of our property which would give them a better view in exchange for the option to increase that section of the fence from a maximum of 6 feet to a height of 7 feet 😉  I ;love my privacy. Negotiation complete. However as we had ordered that 8′ wide section to be 6′ high we will need to order a new higher post and more fence height at our expense 😎

So last Monday, the 9th, Frank came to cut down the one post and to add the new one, moved 24 inches on our side. He mixed his cement like a Mexican, except he used a wheelbarrow instead of the ground. He did a proper cement mix, as seen in the fourth photo down from the top in his orange cement mixer, for the original posts.

At this same time he also cemented in the final post next to where the gate will be. FYI we are making the gate and the fence as low to the ground as we can, just in case more doxies are in our future.

The moved post about to be cemented in.

Almost ready for the fence to be installed.

Don’t rely on someone else, it’s up to you do  your part.

Yes, restrictions are returning. Please  do your part.

As I write this it looks like our fourth snow event is underway. We were supposed to only get rain but it seems that we are cool enough to get snow.  It should be gone by morning – hopefully – as we have to head into town for a medical appointment for me!



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3 Responses to “The big project reveal”

  1. Lucy says:

    Howdy Contessa, I just can’t wait for the fence to be up & finished !

    Regarding the virus, looks like in California a curfew could take place…no good, but we have to do what we have to do 🙁 🙁 🙁 .

    My regards: Lucy.

  2. Judith says:

    Ah the joys of a construction project. Even a small construction project. Which can feel BIG. Glad you have made it so far! When I see the view of the lake from your camera, I don’t feel inclined to worry over much about your fence. I would if it were my fence. But you do have a consolation prize out there……thanks for your photos.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Your place is going to look awesome!

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