Nov 13, 2020

A day of various emotions

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning.

The snow must have started in the early morning hours. It was very pretty.

It snowed until about 1PM. My neighbours hedge.  So easy to see the snow fall.

The was our third snowfall in exactly three weeks. Sadly it was also the third accident from our street out onto the highway. This one was just a bit to the left towards Kelowna, in front of the Jammery. A multi vehicle collision that left a 26 year old male deceased at the side of the road. We could see all but the actual accident scene from our home, we heard and saw multiple emergency vehicles including several ambulances. We saw the highway closed down to southbound traffic except for those coming out of our road. Northbound went on at a crawl for several hours. Such a sad waste of life. So many drive much too fast for the road conditions. We knew that snow was in the forecast so we had cancelled our appointments in town in order to stay safe. We really don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time; it is our choice. There were accidents all over Kelowna and to Vernon. I heard of a roll over of a tow truck that was towing a vehicle. Despite the beauty of the snow it was a somber day.

These geese must have stopped for the night due to the snow. Once it stopped they were gone, likely heading south.

Colin had pulled out six  ( not the seven we had thought ) large bins holding what was left of our Christmas decorations. It was fun but all bittersweet to go through them all.

We each have one of these. Twenty two years ago and more, this is what we filled with Christmas gifts for each other. I meant to get the bins in the photo but they are piled up behind him.

It seemed like a good day with the snow on the ground to get reacquainted with our decorations. I had a theme of dusty rose and gold backing the day. I made so many things, guess I was crafty twenty five years ago.

I was disappointed to discover that what I had been hoping to find in the boxes were no longer there. We did have a huge garage sale about two years before moving here when we downsized from 5600 sq ft to 3200 sq ft and now down to 1000 sq ft. So none of my large retro as they call them now, Christmas strings of lights, none of my garlands that I spent days weaving in white mini lights to wind up our grand curved stairwell to the second floor. Only some of my large gold bows was left that I placed every so many feet. I loved Christmas and had four trees, one of them with white mini lights and only dusty rose and gold decorations and white crocheted lace like snowflakes.  I have most of those decorations. My Charlie Brown tree ornaments are in the motorhome along with some of the rose and gold decorations. I must have been brutal when I packed things twenty years ago. Most is gone but I have some items that I am going to try and create something special with.

The bottom one is from my grandmother.

We made some decisions, such as only using what we have here and to leave what is in the RV to be only used when on the road. Except for a few items, Colin wants to find our five tiny stockings that I knit that we hang on the visor. They represent the 5C’s. You can see them at the end of this post, one of my Christmas posts taken last winter.  It made me sad finding and looking at those photos. However I have to remember that we are here ( not by choice ) but we are safe. We were going to get a real tree. From when we first got married back in 1987 we have always had real and lovely smelling trees. However because it is so cold here and we have so much heat on, a real tree would dry out quickly. We also realized that we will have to put away some of our things as we have so little space in here in order to decorate for the holidays. So likely we will start to decorate sooner this year.

These are very old and there is small box full. Two of the three glass blown ornaments that I had in the RV have broken. I will use these here this winter. I was hoping to sell some ornaments and lights but have decided to keep everything for now.

When do you put up your tree, outdoor lights and such? I have read that many are doing so early this year to give some brightness to the season and especially because of  this particular year. We used to only decorate outside on December 1st and the tree went up around the 10th of December, a tradition carried on from my family. Mom’s birthday was the 15th and the plan was to be ready for her birthday. Again it was very dry inside back in Edmonton and real trees only lasted so long before the needles started to dry and drop which is why we decorated later in December.




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16 Responses to “A day of various emotions”

  1. Judith says:

    Oh. The snow is so beautiful. And in your previous posts as well….But I am rather horrifed to learn of the traffic problems. I am so old!! 50 years ago I spent two years in upstate NY for two snowy winters, and I don’t recall such problems. What on earth is going on!! I’m old. That’s what’s going on. But I do enjoy your posts….and your narrative as well. You are making things beautiful around you with your lights, and I am glad you have some warm leggings. A very different year for you….interesting times. As they say.

    • contessa says:

      It is not because you are old but more because the new generation is so impatient and need to get there like right now! Thank you for enjoying my posts, I so enjoy your comments. Yes new beginnings because of Covid and now I read that nothing will go back to normal. All we can do is enjoy each day to the fullest. Hugs to you.

  2. SandyM says:

    The photos of the snow are beautiful but really prefer sunshine and warmth but I do enjoy seeing your snow photos. Hope the walk down memory lane with your Christmas decorations brought more happy memories then sad thoughts. Life is ever changing and that is what makes it so interesting.

    I love Thanksgiving so no Christmas decorations until after that and usually after the first of December for the tree and any lights. Last year Clara set up my Nativity the day after Thanksgiving and think she will want to do that again this year.

    Thanks for sharing your memories.

    • contessa says:

      You know how I feel about being on the Isla, this is so difficult for me. But I am trying. Actually when we first started to RV, leaving home for Christmas was the most difficult thing I ever did. But I came to terms with it by setting up all those wonderful fairly lights. We will make this winter special as well but hope to be back on the Isla next winter. Why do I think that Americans decorate for Christmas for Thanksgiving? The white fairy lights are on the entire time we are on the Isla but Christmas starts on December 1st with putting up our coloured lights and baubles.I think that will be 5 or 6 days earlier this year.

  3. Sandie DIXON says:

    The snow is beautiful as long as I can look at it from sunny AZ. Do they need a traffic light or more stop signs out there? Staying home was a smart move on your part. I used to decorate everything in the house for Christmas. Bathrooms bedrooms everywhere. But not any more. We put up a few things outside but our main decoration inside is the nativity set my mother made me.

    • contessa says:

      We have a traffic light and many signs re the speed limit. Today we went into town to pick up some Christmas items. The roads were dry but we were still shocked at how fast people were driving, weaving in and out. It’s a different generation. How special to have that nativity scene and the memories around it.

  4. Linda and Russell says:

    I love looking at the snow while staying cozy inside! None here in TN yet and hopefully none before we leave for Maz on 12/1. I’m taking a few small Christmas items for our cute rental on the Isla, but normally I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I like to look at the lights and usually leave the outside lights up into Jan/Feb sometimes. Whatever makes you happy!

    • contessa says:

      You leave December 1st. So happy for you but jealous at the same time. You can get lights so easily in Mazatlan near the mercado. For some reason I thought that Americans decorated for Thanksgiving. I guess that’s all those Hallmark movies 🙂

  5. Sad when anyone loses their lives by any kind of accident.
    I remember the decorations going up at my folks house a week before Christmas because the tree would dry out even though my father kept watering it.
    After Kathy and I married I would start working on our Outside Display on November 1st to beat the cold weather and snow. We’d have it finished by the end of the month. Only Twenty Thousand Lights. At the time of the market crash it gave people hope and the sidewalk was filled with families admiring the story it told.
    Then we’d start decorating inside with an Artificial Tree on a rotating stand. It took a week to complete.
    We downsized when we moved into our first apartment. Have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree we carried in our RV and are downsizing more decorations this winter.
    Be Safe on the roads and Enjoy the season.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Twenty thousand lights! Oh Rick you need to share some photos of that Christmas display. It all sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Karen says:

    I love your old Christmas ornaments, I have some that have to be at least 60 years old I’m 63 and remember them from years back, mom never got rid of anything and didn’t buy new, guess that’s got a lot to do with growing up in the depression. I love your snow and we will be putting our decorations up next week the balcony is already lit up. Cookies in the oven tomorrow. Thanks again I’ll keep you posted.

    • contessa says:

      I will be sure to post photos once we get the tree up. I’m 67 so not so far apart. Let me know how that recipe turns out.

  7. Maxx Trails says:

    My hard fast rule is to never decorate before Remembrance Day as I feel that is a holiday that should be observed and not overpowered by upcoming Christmas celebrations.

    When I was growing up we would decorate on December 10th, my sister’s birthday, and take down the decorations on January 6th, my birthday and the twelfth day of Christmas.

    But as I grew up, and giving how much I love the Christmas season, our family would start decorating earlier. Now I put decorations up on the 25 of November cause hubby doesn’t want them up sooner … except for this year … I am anxious to pull out our tree and decorations that I haven’t seen for seven years and I think hubby is to, so we will probably start next week.

    Your decorations are beautiful and I love that they tell a story 🙂

    • contessa says:

      Thank you for this. Looks like we are on the same page. Colin’s date is November 25th – for this year:) I hope that you, your tree and decorations have a very happy reunion. I am allowed to start the interior decor once the big project is complete and the tree is on for the 25th next week. Life is good.

  8. DAVID EVANS says:

    I have Cascade Concrete down the highway from you, and it’s still coming down @ 31*….
    The 1st of the season is pretty and I spent the day plowing and tossing….
    Rather fun as in mowing the acres…for a bit…I’m just hoping for spring and we can all be free to travel wherever we want…..Please?…..With a spot of Rum on it?

    • contessa says:

      The white stuff eh!!! About time you get some. Glad you are enjoying being out there in all that white, enjoying nature. I like that picture of you 🙂 Would you like rum with your eggnog?

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