Nov 12, 2020

Still getting ready for winter

This photo goes back to November 6th. The traffic is backed up along the lake because of a second car wreck within a few days on Commonwealth and HWY 97. The location of this accident is in the exact same location that I had my horrific crash back in July of 2010. Despite living in this climate it appears that many here are not ready to drive in the snow.

November 8th we put up some outdoor lights.

These white fairy lights as I like to call them, are to remind us of all the white lights ( 15 or more strands ) that we string all along our site on the Isla. This particular string is 83 feet long with 1000 lights.  I purchased this set as it was rated for outdoor lighting.  The coloured lights are to be turned on at Christmas and these white ones will come on every night as they did on the Isla.

It began to snow about 2PM on Monday the 9th and the snow kept falling for 22 hours.

I have now taken down my fall decorations.

The snow finally stopped on the afternoon of the 10th.

We woke up on November 11th to this spectacular sight. A juvenile and an adult Trumpeter swan. They were an endangered species until the early 2000’s. You can Google them for more details. I was fascinated to read that they mate for life and often die of a broken heart when its mate dies.

They can spend their winters in our area or a bit further south. So perhaps we will see them again. Such a privilege to see them.  But I can’t help wondering where the mate is.

This was our second snow fall this winter. Does any one have any suggestions as to when I should pull my carrots and beets from the garden? How long can I leave them in the soil?  Will they freeze?

Thanks to my friend Joyce, I have a recent sunset taken from in front of RV2 on the Isla.

We got our 56 tuna pies shipped to us via Purolater from Ladner, BC last Friday. Today I picked up some specially ordered spanakopitas from a local Geek restaurant. I have always brought both the tuna pies and the spanakopita with us to the Isla every winter as a special Sunday dinner.  The tradition will continue here. I think that food wise we are ready for winter.  As to the vino, I have many many cases here, so I am prepared if we get snowed in for weeks 😉

A great location to take sunsets photos from.  You took some very special photos Joyce and we all thank you.

Today I went back to ‘Just Cozy’ at the mall and spoke with the manager/owner. She checked my leggings and told me that they have been sown upside down and that the nap was the reason my original pair were falling down. So I got a new pair and wore them in the store for at least 20 minutes and they did not fall down. Hopefully they will remain that way. They are so soft and warm. I also stopped at Marks today and purchased a pair of very thin T-Max Heat supersoft thermal pants. They are light enough to wear under my other pants. Tuesday I should get my two items from Amazon and then I will figure out what I am going to keep.  Looks like I will not be freezing this winter, thanks to all of your suggestions. I do have to say, that it was bloody hot in the stores.  Next time I go shopping I am going to wear Isla clothing. I kid you not, I almost passed out.

Sadly we are suddenly experiencing several Covid cases in our local schools.

We are now being restricted as to how many we can have in our homes. Not a concern for us as there is no one we would invite inside. So many of our friends are visiting with different friends every day of the week.  I would love to invite them over but I see by their FB pages that they have several bubbles and that is too much for us.





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10 Responses to “Still getting ready for winter”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    When we lived on the lake the swans and buffleheads were the last of the waterfowl to come through, it looks like winter is truly coming!

  2. Glad you are ready for the Winter but we still don’t like the white stuff.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    The beets and carrots should come out before they freeze. Beets and carrots will last a winter at fridge temperature. If you don’t have room in the fridge perhaps under your house? We used to store them in a root house in sand years ago. Eric remembers storing carrots in sand in a barrel in the basement of their house in Edmonton. Perhaps a styrofoam cooler with sand where it’s cold but not freezing. I wonder if the cob has lost his pen and taken up with a cygnet…you just never know! Whatever makes them happy.

    • contessa says:

      So glad that I can rely on you. I don’t have room in my fridge for them. We did such a good job of insulating that it is 48F under the house. Sadly the shed is the same temperature as outside. Maybe in the trunk of the car??? Or in sand in the shed. I will have to give this some thought. First I better get them picked. It usually does not get this cold at this time of year.

  4. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Our numbers are creeping up on the island. It is also effecting OR times in Vancouver, very good chance I won’t have surgery till late December (22, yes in for christmas) or January as a result. You have stocked up well! I have so many friends still posting pictures in Alberta of groups – really makes me kind of angry frankly but we are safe and sound here with just Mom in our bubble. Your lights look lovely! We get a lot of Trumpeter swans over wintering here. Our MARS animal rescue has a couple of them in right now due to different issues. They are such beautiful birds and so pretty to hear flying over

    • contessa says:

      It really doesn’t matter when you have your surgery, you can enjoy the lights and your tree prior to and when you eventually get home again. No reason you can’t keep it all up until February. Sure would be nice to see more of the swans. I have never heard them flying over and hope that I will one day. Yours MARS centre is doing a wonderful job.

  5. Karen says:

    I have a pair of the T/Max leggings and top I love them! I wear mine under my fleece leggings when going for a walk very short walk but still a walk, and I’m hot as Haiti lol

    • Contessa says:

      I just now put them on, not sure if they are the same that you got. But just on their own in the house they are warm. However they are not tight but a looser fit. I wonder how they would be under pants. Don’t think I could put them under leggings.

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