Aug 18, 2020

Visits with friends

Back on August 6th Colin had a meeting in Peachland to check out something for a client. On the way back we went for drive along the main street. Peachland is certainly changing and there are so many neat looking homes facing the lake. However we could not stay for long as we were headed to visit friends who are “work camping” or “simply volunteering” at Bear Creek Provincial Park. We had never been there before and were looking forward to a walk around the park.  Just as we arrived it started to spit, then drizzle followed by a gentle rain. We ended up simply sitting under their RV awning and visited. The wine was wonderful and the appetizers were first class. Lucky us.

We also enjoyed a variety of birds feeding on their multiple feeders.

We had such a great time chatting with S & B that we were surprised that we had been there for close to four hours. I guess we will have to repeat our visit as we all had a wonderful time. As you can see we are well distanced from each other and appies were served appropriately for Covid.

A few days later on Sunday the 9th we were expecting friends for an afternoon visit and then a take out dinner.  Sadly they had to cancel and we had to reschedule. Not five minutes later I received an invitation to happy hour and a new home visit just around the corner.  How fun and I already had an appetizer ready to share. Perfect. Mary and Kim have been working on their lovely new home for some time and it was ready for the great reveal.

Colin and I did try and stay apart from the others as they are not in our close bubble and it never hurts to be safe. Their home is wonderful and I know that they will enjoy it for years to come.

We had a busy week but were able to have a final visit with Jan and Paul last Thursday, the 13th, before they returned to Alberta. They did spend two weeks here in our park but had to move to a park in Vernon as we were full and they were unable to extend their stay. Again we are very careful in our social distancing.

We always have so much fun together. Looking forward to seeing them next summer. Normally we would see them in the fall in Edmonton but because of Covid we are staying home and not going to see my chiropractor there.

I saw this somewhere and just had to share. Isn’t this bird magnificent? Nature is truly amazing.

This is not Mazatlan but still a beautiful sunset.

Even fish have their bubbles of friends 🙂

I just recently discovered that two sets of close friends who live full time in Mazatlan have had Covid. Both have recovered with one lady still having a few issues. That couple can pinpoint exactly when they were infected.  Since early March they have been masking and social distancing. Once day in early July they went for a walk and hubby decided to not wear his mask. They ran into a male friend and chatted with him for a very brief period of time.  This friend is known as an anti mask person. My friend felt that she should tell her hubby to put his mask pin but she did not want to be ‘a nag’ so she said nothing. A few days later they found out the the unmasked friend had tested positive for the virus.  Eight days later my friends husband came down with Covid and then a few days later so did she. It has been more difficult on her and is taking much longer to recover. They spoke with the Covid infected friend for less than ten minutes and that is all it took for the virus to transfer. Moral of the story is to wear your mask, no matter what. There are no excuses.

So you get the virus but you are only immune for six to eight and possibly a few more weeks. You can still get it again. Covid – 19 has mutated 80 times already. Will a vaccine be the answer? How do you know which strain of Covid that you need to be protected against? This is a very interesting article about that. the only thing we know for certain is that wearing a mask and social distancing do help.


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6 Responses to “Visits with friends”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Wow that bird sure is pretty, as is your sunset picture from your deck 🙂

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Very interesting article. Glad you’re enjoying time with friends.

  3. We’ve made a point of wearing our masks anytime we step out of the Apartment. Down the halls, outside and in stores especially.
    The Local Health Unit recently issued a Mandatory Mask Bylaw and there are idiots out there protesting against them. Our area just moved to a Phase 3 Recovery Status because people followed the rules. Those are trying to undo the hard work everyone else has done.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your bubbles.

    It’s about time.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I went with my Dave today to pick up pizza as a way of getting out of the apartment. I had te remind him to put on his mask before he went in to pick up the pizza. Made me wonder how many times before he forgot to do that?

  5. I’m so glad you’re social distancing and mostly masking too, and promoting it fully. But I’ve noticed you’ve fined and visited inside without a mask. Are you not worried about air currents? The studies show that COVID can be carried from one table to another in a restaurant, depending on how the air ducts are set up, and that science would apply in someone’s home too.

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of the blog. You do have valid points re not wearing our masks those two times. We have only eaten out at that one restaurant. Outside for our anniversary back in July where we were far away from anyone else and no one came near or passed our table. The second time was inside because of a power outage and we needed to eat. It was late and other then us there was only one other table with people and it was at the far end of the place. We felt perfectly safe both times. Regarding that inside happy hour/house warming situation we were supposed to be outside but one of the guests said it as too hot and wanted to stay inside. So we made the best of it with Colin and I staying away from everyone as best we could. We did the house tour on our own plus we made a point of not using the same serving utensils as the others and kept our own serving tools. In addition to that the other four people are in our friend bubble. In all honesty I did not think about air currents at all. There was an overhead fan swirling above us in the house. Not sure if that was bad or good.

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