Aug 02, 2020

Interesting RV storage area

Just the other day I accompanied Colin when he went to the RV to turn off the solar panels which we had turned on because of the power outage  No need to overcharge the batteries. A few things caught my eye that I decided to share here.

Someone has snowmobiles. Hopefully we won’t be here this winter and have to deal with snow.

This is set up right across from our RV storage stall. Cute little thing. That mast in the background is a new thing.

Can this be towed this way with the mast up? First time I have seen this in the storage lot.

There are several of these stored here.  The lakes are full of these types of boats.

Small window in a small door of an RV. Note the detail on the window cover.

Neat but small RV. Called the Outback Edition.

Enjoying a quiet Sunday of the long weekend here in British Columbia.  We went for a ride in the golf cart with wine last evening and were surprised to find the park full.  A good mix of BC plates and Alberta plates. The condos have mostly Albertans in them.  So I imagine that the park is hopping with activity.  We are happy to say here in our site.  Even happier today that the A/C is working. Yesterday we could not get it to go lower than 75F.  Colin checked and it was not freezing up. Perhaps we need a touch up of freon. So he called a few companies but even the one that was listed 24/7  every day of the year was not free until Tuesday. Definitely a long weekend. Once the sun went down we were able to get it to go down to 73F.  We wonder if the direct sun on the actually unit and the extremely high temps so many days in a row may have been a factor.  I later discovered that the bathroom fan which is only a few feet away from the furnace thermostat had been on for several hours, likely six or more. Perhaps that affected the temperature. So far we are up to 95F today which is higher than forecast and still staying steady at 73F inside.  Another first for us in that we kept the A/C on all night, it was just too hot to shut it off and still very very warm this morning. I sure hope we can shut it off tonight and open the windows. We are not big fans of A/C but when you need it you need it.

The following is a bit of a long read but full of well expressed thoughts

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