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Jul 21, 2020

Heat wave and truly enjoying our garden

Finally, finally, finally we have the heat that the Okanagan is known for. We hit a high of 36C /97F today with more to come for most of the week ahead but not quite so hot. We actually started our air conditioning about 10:30 this morning, after our walk. With all of the windows ( […]


Jul 19, 2020

Time to celebrate and a reveal

On July 18th, 1987, which was an usually extremely hot & muggy afternoon in Vancouver, we exchanged wedding vows in a wonderful garden wedding. Where have those thirty three years gone? We certainly have had many adventures over the years, traveling to India (twice), Singapore, Malaysia, Antigua, plus we enjoyed annual vacations to Maui, Las […]


Jul 18, 2020

Another wee disappointment

In the past few months we have met and become friendly with a couple here in the park.  We first met them in early spring when we were planting our gardens and have since run into them during walks or while out in the golf cart.  We keep saying that we need to get together. […]


Jul 16, 2020

Making the best of a disappointment

There is a newish winery in our area. Late last summer I discovered that it had a wood fire pizza oven and that their mini restaurant offers pizza comparable to what you might eat in Naples.  We loved the pizza in Naples and yes it was the best ever so we were anxious to try […]


Jul 12, 2020

Out for a drive

Last Wednesday we both had a visit with the chiropractor in Vernon.  It was a good one for both of us.  She even managed to fix problem with my right foot which was painful with every step I took.  Afterwards we did our weekly grocery shop at Superstore.  This is huge new store with lots […]


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