Jul 12, 2020

Out for a drive

Last Wednesday we both had a visit with the chiropractor in Vernon.  It was a good one for both of us.  She even managed to fix problem with my right foot which was painful with every step I took.  Afterwards we did our weekly grocery shop at Superstore.  This is huge new store with lots of space.  We seldom come close to anyone while shopping.  Next stop was to pick up two cases of wine that I had special ordered.

Apparently my beloved Painted Turtle Pinot Grigio is being discontinued so I am buying it when and where I can. I have no idea why this is happening and I have reached out in many directions to get an answer.

We ended up in a different area of Vernon that I had never been to before.  Colin mentioned that the end of Okanagan  Lake was just ahead so we went for a drive to check it out. So many lakefront homes, some very old and some new large ones.  It is called a fjord lake as it has been carved out by repeated glaciations during the Pleistocene epoch.  The lake is large and deep, 84 miles long and between 2.5 – 3.1 miles wide with an average depth of 249 feet.

We drove around the shorter of the two forks at the top of the lake, to the left of Vernon.  We live further south in Lake Country but our lake is that very tiny area of blue on Highway 97 just about 1/4 inch below the name Lake Country.  Lake Okanagan is spectacular and a wonderful area to drive around.

Many lovely beaches for folks to enjoy at this end of the lake as along its length.

We had a trunk full of empties that we wanted to recycle and the store that I purchased the wine from directed us to this huge recycle facility. They take everything. I was so impressed with all the cars dropping off a variety of items and everyone was so diligent in placing their things in the proper area..  It make me realize how fortunate we are to have the amount of recycling that we have here in our park but at the same time how wonderful that others are making such an effort to properly recycle.

This older lady got got of her car with a plastic bag full of things, tin cans, glass jars, plastic hangers and so on. She walked back and forth being ever so careful to put her item in the correct bin. I was glad that Colin had taken our empties into the building behind the car on his own so I could watch what was happening.

This fellow had come in on a bicycle with some pop/beer cans that he had obviously collected along his route.  He then proceeded to thoroughly go through the glass jar bin ( different from the glass bin in this photo ) where he picked out several juice containers that could have been returned for cash but were simply disposed of.  So even at the reccyle centre the bins are being recycled a second time.  I thought good for him, he made an extra dollar or two.

We had so many veggies from our garden with dinner that night. From the top left clockwise, Swiss chard, beet tops, dark green kale, beans, carrots, peas and a zucchini.

By adding mushrooms and onion to the stir fry of the three greens & zucchini along with store bought  romaine & tomatoes we had eleven different vegetables with dinner. It was a great meal.

Isn’t this the truth.




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  1. That was a well organized recycling facility. Wish more would do that. The US is terrible for not recycling at all. Happy you enjoyed the ride.
    Looks like your gardening efforts are really paying off.
    Like the Virus Signs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • Lucy says:

      Hi !

      Your statement says: ‘ The US is terrible for not recycling at all ‘; Sorry to tell U…but it’s NOT true, I don’t know in what USA’s area U live, but many rubbish disposal companies provide us with large, blue or green wheeled containers with the ” RECYCLE ONLY ‘ label, we put all our recycling materials in those receptacles & once @ week, or every 15 days ( depending on the area ) the recycling trucks pick them up from our driveways, or our street curb. The containers area emptied into the Recycling truck & placed back empty for us to continue collecting recyclables. I live in California, have @ large family & several friends here & ALL of them have recycling services DOOR – TO – DOOR. Hazardous materials & electronics are disposed in different ways & those are taken by us to the sites the city designs for that purpose. My regards: Lucy.

      • SandyM says:

        We live in a small WV town and have a recycle station that we take the stuff we can recycle to – not as much as I wish we could/should recycle but at least it is something. Your statement “The US is terrible for not recycling at all” is not true.

        The recycling station that you pictured, Contessa, looks like a class act.

        • Contessa says:

          Thank you Sandy for responding to Lucy. Yes this was an excellent recycle facility for a small town/city. I have never seen anything like this before but imagine that they may in other places. It is a private facility.

          • SandyM says:

            Actually, Contessa, the quote “the US is terrible for not recycling at all” was by Richard R. Lucy and I both know it is not true as we do recycle in the USA maybe just not as much as we should. But every bottle, paper, can or whatever that is recycled helps.

      • Contessa Jewall says:

        I appreciate your comment Lucy. Richard is a Canadian who has done a good deal of RVing in the USA over the past several winters. I can only assume that he might be referring to RV parks that he has stayed in. We too have seen very little in the way of recycling in RV parks although some do a great of of it. And there is no replying in Mexico thus far. It does sound like California has a good system in place for recycling.

        • Lucy says:

          Hi contessa, yes, what U’re saying makes sense, perhaps Richard is talking to recycling not being available in RV parks. I realize that perhaps not all US States might recycle as we do in California, but I also know that many do. I have a friend in Queens, N.Y. they Recycle there, another friend of mine live in a small town in florida, they Recycle as well. One of my cousins lives in Seattle, Washington they Recycle & finally my older daughter lives in Northern Montana…same thing. My regards: Lucy.

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Good recycling here in Terrace too. I take everything to our depot that isn’t picked up at the curb. Always feel bad in Mexico throwing everything into the garbage. If my pea vines get any taller from all the rain I won’t be able to reach them. LOL My Mexican squashes are producing like mad!

  3. Linda and Russell says:

    Your veggies look delicious…and so healthy!
    I have a TV I’d love to recycle but Best Buy charges $25 to take it. I’m searching for someplace else, but not much recycling goes on here that I’m aware of.
    Stay safe!

    • Contessa says:

      Thank you, we feel so great eating well.

      We have always managed to sell or give away our TV’s to someone who needs one. You might try that. Colin was so excited to find that they had a place inside the building to take electronics such as his dozens of hard drives. Sadly they are also full of personal photos, etc but with our newer computers we can’t even open them to delete the contents in order to recycle them. So we just may have to keep them in a bin under the house for years and years to come. However he did say that they will take TV’s. So if you want to haul your TV from the US to Mexico then we can haul it back here to Canada to recycle for you 🙂

      • Linda and Russell says:

        Thanks for the offer…lol
        If the TV worked it would be long gone, but not worth fixing.
        Hope to see you on the Isla. I haven’t bought our tickets yet. Hoping the prices go down some more as well as watching the virus. We plan to go 12/1 unless prohibited for some reason. We have to renew our residente temporal visa by January and don’t want to miss the deadline. We would have to start the process over again in the US.
        We have a rental on the Isla and feel we’ll be ok with masks, etc. It won’t be the same that’s for sure.

  4. Kay says:

    We have recycling in Arizona, Minnesota, Dakotas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Texas! I know many RV parks that have recycling. Many RVer’s don’t bother with the task because they really don’t have the room to “sort” the stuff inside their RV’s. And, many RVer’s have told me this over the years. Now, if we could recycle Covid-19 and send it back where it began… we’d all be better off.

    • contessa says:

      Hola Kay, I also wish to be rid of Covid although I wouldn’t want to recycle it and have it come backing a different version 🙂 As to recycling in RV parks I think it depends on the park and possibly how high end the park is. We have seen recycling in Las Vegas but not in Ely nor Jackpot Nevada nor the two RV parks we have stayed at in Quartzite, Arizona although the state park in Lake Havasu did have some recycling. If there is recycling where we stay we do use it.

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