Jul 02, 2020

A lot of this and a bit of that

So we gave in yesterday afternoon and turned on the fireplace. I can’t count how many times Colin has shut off the pilot light for the season and then had to relight it. It was so very damp and raining so hard that you could not see out the windows.

However we do have some nicer days. This was taken on June 26th. Another of those wonderful reflective sunsets.

Another beautiful rainbow after a storm on June 30th.

We are eating as much as we can out of our garden.  Fresh carrots, some of our romaine and of course kale.

I think that next spring I will only plant 1/4 of a row of kale. I thought that just planting the 1/2 row this spring might not be enough but 1/4 is more than enough. I am giving some away every few days and we are eating it at least three to four times per week. For some reason the Swiss chard I planted in one of our patio pots is not growing very fast ( it grows well for me on the Isla ). However the chard that I recently planted in the garden is growing very fast. It will be nice to mix the two greens. Sometimes I simply steam the greens, other times I fry them in a bit of butter with along with fresh mushrooms and garlic. How do you cook your kale or Swiss chard?  I am open to suggestions.

Our rotting zucchini could be a result of too much or too little water.  I had a visit with Dr. Google today and he suggested that the problem is blossom end rot and likely caused by a lack of calcium in the soil or uneven watering. We will be checking in with a nursery tomorrow and perhaps picking up gypsum to add to the soil or a calcium rich foliar spray. Things are getting way too technical for me 🙁 We had one wonderful zucchini from the garden and have about ten that are rotting. Not fun 😥

We have noticed many more overhead flights this past week. Dang 🙁  It was much quieter with fewer flights. They are slowly opening up more things here in Canada including more flights. Most provinces seem to be very cautious. Even the airlines are limiting their routes despite increasing more flights. Are you ready to fly domestically? We are not. The only place we might want to go would be to see my chiropractor in Edmonton but that can wait and if we need to go we will drive.

There was a poll started on June 30th, on an online news site.  They asked, as your can read “Are you willing to get on a domestic flight right now?”  12,741 people responded and it appears that the majority are not willing to do so. So I ask you, are you willing to get on a domestic flight right now? Just a few hours ago, a news article came out asking people on four recent domestic flights to please self isolate for 14 days.  That article can be found here.

Yet another poll asked about encouraging tourism here in BC from within Canada.  As you can see the majority say no.  That is a bit of dicey situation as visitors from Alberta will certainly help stimulate the economy.

Now this is an interesting study.  First you have to cross off the first two words ” Bacteria from ” and replace them with ” Corona Virus “. Covid- 19 is spread by respiratory droplets so this is an accurate portrayal of the spread. Please wear a mask, if not for you but for me.

We went to Costco this past Monday and one of the staff checking your purchases , as you left the building, against your receipt kept coughing and coughing and coughing and did not cover her mouth.  She was wearing a mask but kept lifting it each time she coughed  🙄 We went to the other lady to have our receipt checked. An aside here, we found the store crowded, even fewer were wearing masks ( compared to our last visit ) and there was a good deal of pushing and shoving to get past you.  Lots of crowding and little social distancing.

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8 Responses to “A lot of this and a bit of that”

  1. Judith says:

    Ah. Your garden is doing well except for zucchini. Lovely looking plate of food! I’m betting too much water for the zucchini. At present here in Texas, where it never rains enough (or if too much, usually just in a day, feast or famine) I’ve never heard of a zucchini crop failure. Wish I could send you a few of the many I have been offered recently. I do like them, but enough is enough. Well, enjoy your green leafy things. Too late for any of that here, and I would love some.
    Always stunned by the beauty of your views. Rain or no. Just stunning.
    Our governor finally spoke up and required masks for counties with over 10 cases of the virus. At last.
    I am awaiting repercussions in the news tomorrow. And probably around my town as well. We’ll see.

    • contessa says:

      Yeah we are having three sunshine days before the rains return. Hopefully the zucchini will recover. I guess we might have to learn how to make zucchini loaf. You are not living in easy times over there in Texas. All you can do is take care of yourself and stay safe.

  2. Nancy Hodgson says:

    hi contessa
    had the same problem with calcium in our garden
    someone suggested a TUMS placed near the roots
    seemed to help

    • contessa says:

      I added a few crushed TUMS and egg shells. Hopeful it will do the trick in addition to some sunshine for a few days. I appreciate the input.

  3. Dee Tillotson says:

    Agree with Judith, just too much rain for the squash; we’ve had a deluge of rain here in the low country of SC, and our squash is rotting too. However, we have Celebrity tomatoes coming out of our ears and are giving lots of them to neighbors.

    Contessa, we have a leaky border between Canada and the US. What is the difference between Canadians flying over the border to the US and Canadians driving their car across the border to the US? Absolutely nothing, except the type of vehicle used to do it. The only reason I can think of for Canada and the US ignoring this is politics. It is important to each country that their respective airlines not go belly up; otherwise, each government will spend millions of dollars floating their debt; it’s one of those “to big to fail” scenarios. Leadership does not want to talk about it much, but instead would rather say we have a sealed border. You are right; I would not even get on any of our domestic flights for two reasons 1) no guarantee of a seat six feet from another seat and 2) no guarantee that ALL passengers will be mandated to wear masks at all times and 3) the US is on fire right now with approximately 50,000 infections a day, especially in Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia.

    Beach and I are locked down except for grocery shopping, doctors appointments, and my delivery of staple foods and some fresh foods (from our neighborhood) to Food Banks in and between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. P.S. Did you know I saw a lot of Quebec license plates in Myrtle Beach; when I was getting gas there, I spoke with one of the Canadians who had crossed the Mexico/US border, and he said he didn’t want to go home until the Canadian 14-day quarantine was lifted; but he was being safe with a mask on and using hand cleaner after pumping gas. Also, he said he was dry camping away from the population; I guessed that had to be in the Sumter National Forest; there are many Forest Service roads in there.

    Be Safe.

    • contessa says:

      Hey Dee, so nice to hear from you again. I have been wondering how you were managing. Hoping some sunshine will get my tomatoes blooming. I will have to lookup Celebrity tomatoes. We are doing the same as you, only going out for medical appointments and groceries once per week. So glad that we can walk here in the park.

      I know that many still stuck in Mexico are now able to fly into the US, overnight and then catch a Canadian airline back here now that more flights are operating. I also don’t understand why a Canadian can fly into the US but not drive in. As to the reverse, many here are on the lookout for American plated vehicles as they are unwanted. Yes Americans are still managing to drive across the border. We will be cancelling our trip in October but would have to drive into the US first as we fly out of Vegas. But we won’t go anyway even if the border opens. Right now as of today Mexico is finally enforcing its closed border between the US and Mexico. They don’t want any cases of Covid coming across. Strangely the border has been closed for months but not enforced. There are many Canadians staying in the US ( as well as Mexico ) to ride out the storm. Personally I am glad to be here at home.

      FYI someone just over a week ago refused to wear his mask on a flight within Canada and the plane landed at the closest airport and he was arrested and fined. PErsaonl I can’t see myself wearing a mask to fly anywhere.

  4. Croft Randle says:

    No domestic or international flights for me for quite a while. The recent decision by some Canadian airlines to begin selling the middle seats again is packing these aircraft as tightly as a Trump rally. Nope, I don’t have to travel right now.

    • contessa says:

      Good decision Croft. Besides you still have your RV to get away if needed. But you do live in paradise so just relax and have a glass of wine as you enjoy your view.

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