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Jul 31, 2020

July travel calendar photo

Another of our favourite places, Barcelona. We are quite captivated by Gaudi’s architectural creations.


Jul 29, 2020

In the news and an important question

Things are heating up here in British Columbia (BC ) and not only the high temperatures 😯  Our Premier suggested on Monday that those who have out of province plates might want to re register and change to BC plates in order to avoid being hassled.  I think that this was a bit over the […]


Jul 28, 2020

A blur of days

Our friends Jan and Paul had booked nine days here at Holiday Park on January 2nd.  They were so happy to be able to come and visit as their March cruise was canceled and they truly needed a break. We visited with them briefly ( twice ) on the 20th, the day they arrived. There […]


Jul 23, 2020

Guess who’s 70?

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 22nd, Colin celebrated a special birthday. Not only because of Covid but because we simply wanted to, we spent the entire day, just the two us, having a fun time.  While Colin went out to pick up his cake ( more about that later ), I was able to set the scene […]


Jul 22, 2020

Interesting photos late in the day yesterday

I must have been having my long extended bath when Colin went out with my camera last evening.  Fun to find these shots today.  


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