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Jun 21, 2020

A very mellow weekend

Today a good deal of time was spent by Colin weeding the garden and spraying our tomatoes that are now affected by ‘tomato blight’.  It is a result of cool wet weather. We do have one very slim pea pod but at least we do have a pea pod with many more to come 😀 […]


Jun 18, 2020

From one extreme to the other

Here I sit at 7PM with all the windows open and it is 83F at my desk. It is 84F outside with not even a whiff of a breeze.  Just a few days ago I had a heater turned on behind my desk and we were using the fireplace in the morning and at night. […]


Jun 17, 2020

Blue skies…..

So now finally after so much time, I only see blue skies.  I actually did sing this song in a choral group that I once belonged to.  Have a listen if you have a moment. Sung by one of the greats, Frank Sinatra and composed by Irving Berlin. We are finally on the upward path […]


Jun 15, 2020

Que pasa

Well what is happening?  Rain, more rain and even more rain and record breaking cool temperatures.  Personally we are managing just fine.  Especially if you count using your furnace every morning and having your fireplace on half the day, normal for mid June 😯  However our garden is literally drowning. We did get out for […]


Jun 14, 2020

Isla update

This was the 9th week that Dallas and Rocio have been giving out food packages to those in need on the Isla. This past Friday they only gave out 80 despenses for two reasons.  The first was that people from the Sinaloa government came to the Isla and gave out a large  number of cards […]


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