Jun 28, 2020

Garden update

Colin was able to find two large tomato plants at Art Knapps to replace two in our garden.  A hefty $8.99 price per six inch pot but they are larger type tomatoes which we need.  There are still a few plants struggling and we just have to wait for enough sun and warm weather to see it they recover.  We still have rain and mostly cool temps. Fortunately the strawberries are doing well.  The peas finally have flowers and we have some pods.  I have picked 4 beans from our patio bean plant and the ones in the garden are starting to come around.  The more I pick my kale the more it grows.  It is a monster plant.

Our patio pots.

We have two tiny tomatoes coming.

Our first cucumber is on our patio plate and as you can see it is large.

Since then all the other tiny cucumbers are dying, going mushy at one end.  We found two zucchini in the garden today that are rotting.  I would have picked them for dinner tonight.  I guess too much rain.  The cucumbers in the garden are just small plants so nothing there for along while.

Someone spent a good deal of money building this garden.

A very neat old gate on this garden.

Definitely large.

Beets, beet tops, carrots and the cucumber. We do eat well from our garden. This was just for one meal plus salad, rice and the main protein.

Hoping for sun and heat tomorrow.



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6 Responses to “Garden update”

  1. Too bad there is no way to add drainage to your Garden so you can better control its moisture levels. The Vegetables you are able to harvest are looking good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy warmer weather.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      I think that it is more the fact of a constant rain and no time for plants to dry off. We are still awaiting warmer temps, they say another week!

  2. At least you are getting a few things, and that cucumber! My peas are just now becoming ready, when hubby is home we shall begin to eat them (we eat them raw as a snack versus cooking, I really don’t love cooked veggies except corn and asparagus). I am taking Mom to AK today to replace some flowers as she used old fertilizer and killed some of her beautiful patio flowers and is heartbroken. I will give her one of mine that she loves and she can buy a few more. AK is so expensive though but most of the other places in town don’t have much in the way of flowers any more.

    • contessa says:

      That is our first cucumber this year and bigger than any we are also year. Sadly two others on the same plant have died. I think they need more sun. I had no idea that old fertilizer wold do that to a plant. Good to know. Hope you both found what you were looking for at Art Knapps.

  3. Karen says:

    Oh wow yummy.

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