May 30, 2020

Friday, part 2, how the day ended

The medication helped and with some wine I felt much better.  I did call the pharmacy today and that is the actual cost of the ointment I got.  There is no generic replacement.  I did mention that it only cost me about $18.00 in Mexico.  Needless to say I will make a note to pick some up this winter, just in case. I also meant to mention that the price of gas here in Kelowna has been 104.9 / per litre but in Vernon it has been 99.9.  We planned to fill up after our visit to the chiropractor but were surprised to see the pice of 114.9 / litre.  I somehow managed to see 99.9 on a Chevron sign and sure enough they had not yet changed their price at the pumps.  So we saved $7.82, not a lot as we were only half empty but still a saving. Once back here in Kelowna we saw the same new price of 114.9. Quite the sudden jump 😥

I saw my first quail family this season and it was Friday in the gardens. Papa was staying high up watching for danger as Mama led the kids thru the succulent parts of the gardens.

We had purchased a fillet of  wild salmon at Costco the other day and it was time to christen the new BBQ. We left all of our tablecloths in Mexico so I used the only plastic one I had to protect the new white 2′ X 4 ‘ table that we picked up at Canadian Tire. We saved another $27.99 as it was on sale. Lovely surprise. The BBQ is just a tiny bit deeper that the table we used here with the Weber so we needed a new one.

As Colin was setting up he noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye. It was this baby blackbird hopping across the patio.

He was going to try and move it out of danger ( eagles, osprey, etc. ).  Not sure but I think the baby thought that Colin was going to feed him or maybe it was going to bite him 🙂

Colin had called me out to see the baby and as he was reaching for the baby I heard some noise and there above our heads were hopefully Mama and Papa.

So Colin went back to the BBQ and our dinner prep.  This poor tyke was exhausted and could not move nor even stand up.  What long legs and huge feet.  By the time we were done cooking he had disappeared with this family.

There is some talk that we might be able to have a yard sale here in the park come July.

I almost forgot about our May calendar photo. Hard to believe that we were in Rome at this time last year.  So glad that we made it a six week trip.  Who knows what the future might be?

We both love the new grill. So much space. The cedar plank fits with room to spare.  Colin really likes how the heat is distributed evenly.

Everything was cooked to perfection. The fish was moist and evenly heated, the potatoes ( Yukon Gold ) were perfectly cooked as was the asparagus.  All we needed to add was the Caesar salad. A wonderful way to end Friday.

So true, especially the past few days.



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6 Responses to “Friday, part 2, how the day ended”

  1. Judy says:

    Glad you are better with the med, and what a lovely dinner! If there’s anything more helpless looking than a baby bird, I don’t know what it is. At least there was no bad ending apparent.
    I did like the “two pandemics” poster.

  2. Glad the leg is doing better even with the higher priced medications you needed to use.
    Always feel sorry for the birds until they are able to fend for themselves.
    The new Barbque seems to have passed the test.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Sweet baby blackbird! Holy crap, we way overpay on so much. I guess there is a big problem with Americans who depend on cheaper medications not being able to cross border shop for it. Primarily diabetes meds…who knew. My week has been spent trying to get better. I thought I was on the mend and had a great day friday then spent almost all day in bed yesterday. Today I am working at 25% energy level. I seem to go downhill every single time I matter if I take pepcid AC or whatever before a mean. My June will be spent trying to regain my health

    • contessa says:

      I am so very sorry that you are not getting better quickly. If you don’t get better after seeing the dentist, I think you need to see a doctor. Hang in there. Sending you healing thoughts.

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