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Mar 25, 2020

Going home to Canada right now

Our stop for tonight is the Walmart in Omak, Washington.  Based on how fast everything is changing and how we will only be an hour away from the Canadian border we have decided to simply cross now.  We will stay somewhere near the border but I will have no data so I am publishing this […]


Mar 24, 2020

Only 573 more miles to go

When we passed through Wells and later Twin Falls I turned on my ATT hot spot and downloaded the news and updates to read to Colin as we drove. So many things happening and so very very fast.  I am more than ready to get home. We made a quick stop in Wells for Colin […]


Mar 23, 2020

Update for yesterday and today

I am doing two posts tonight in one, so that my next nightly post will be for that particular day.   I think that as we head home it is a good idea to be in real time. So this post is for yesterday, Sunday, and today, Monday. In a nutshell we did a few […]


Mar 22, 2020

Anxious to get back home

Sleeping was my priority and I slept for eleven hours, I was rather worn out and now feel somewhat better.  But I am more than ready to be in my home.  I spent Saturday doing laundry and odds and ends while Colin did some inside and outside things on his to do list. On my […]


Mar 21, 2020

More hunting for food products

Friday we were up early at 7:30AM with the plan to be at the Vegas Costco by 9AM for their 10AM opening.  We were there by 9:15 and the store was open with a line to get in.  Turns out that they decided to open the store from 8 to 10 AM just for seniors. […]


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