Mar 30, 2020

Que pasa

We dumped at a sani station just south of Summerland before coming home. The park here does not have a public station and we are not allowed to use any of the empty RV sites.  Last year it was free but this year we had to pay $10.00.

It has been so very quiet here since we got home.  Not just here in our park but on the highway as well.  There is very little traffic on the roads.  We are close to the Kelowna International Airport and are used to having planes landing or taking off over our home.  Yesterday we heard a plane go over and realized that we haven’t been seeing nor hearing any aircraft.  I believe that I read that there are only about six flights per day in and out of Kelowna.  I could be wrong on that number.  Just now I heard a siren and realized that was the first time that I have heard that noise since we arrived.  As I said it is very very quiet around here.

The kitchen was the largest challenge to set up.  This amount was brought in yet a second time plus more.  My pantry selves are full as is my freezer.

Colin found this in the basement. We had purchased two of these for Christmas but only opened the one. Now saving this for a very special moment or mental breakdown 🙂

I knew that we had wine at home but had no idea how much. I had overbought before we left. Each large box hold four four litre boxes of Pellar Estates Pinot Grigio.  No worries about running out.

My shoes. I think I only wore four pair all winter. Many are walking shoes and of course because of my knee I did not do any walking.

We have had a few special phone calls since we arrived, from Mexico checking if we were home and alright, from a special friend in Campbell River, and from Gramma Katie and Louie calling from the coast checking on our well being. We even got a phone call from somewhere in China but it was a wrong number 😯

Last night was our first sunset since we left Quartzsite.

Most of you have seen similar depictions showing how the virus has decreased pollution over China and Europe.  I found this another interesting visual. You might say that the virus is saving our planet or at the very least giving it much longer to survive.

Please stay healthy by safely distancing yourself from others and washing your hands.



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  1. Nancy & Doug says:

    Hi Contessa & Colin – Glad you are home, safe and sound. There is nothing like being on your home turf during something such as this. You look to be well supplied with wine so this storm should pass before we need to send you reinforcements!!

    Enjoy your 14 days at home. We are now into Day 11 and are grateful for feeling fine. We have been VERY studious and strict about our isolation and we feel good about following all the rules. We are definitely missing our beautiful grandsons but they come often for a “lane-way visit”.

    We were a bit nervous having to go on a 4 hour bus ride from Melaque and 5 hour plane ride from Puerto Vallarta, ending in Vancouver. Thankfully we were took care of ourselves and all seems to have worked out fine.

    Stay well, stay home and we will all get through this together Who could have EVER imagined such a scenario.


    • contessa says:

      I did not know that you had been to Mexico this winter. How very special for you both. Well done on getting home safely and still remaining healthy. Of course not the same as RVing but still a wonderful time. As you know wine is key and we will be just fine.HOw special that you get to wave and speak/shout to each other as you see each other. Makes it easier on the grans I think. I know that someone will write a movie about this and when we watch it we will say “no way”!

  2. Since you are so well supplied making it Safely through this Isolation Period should be easy.
    Enjoy the solitude.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      I am looking forward to my to do list being complete and to being able to sit with a book for hours on end.

  3. Hey Contessa and Collin,
    With a view out to the lake such as yours, a glass of vino to sip and some truffle chocolates to snack on, you are envied by many (me!) and I guess once you have some time to yourself you will do exactly that.
    Hopefully your knee will get better over the spring and summertime and also the issues with your RV will be resolved in short order. BTW, you got a lot of nice shoes 😉

    • contessa says:

      I do agree, our view is my saving grace plus the fact that I can look down the entire street from the other side of the house and watch people walking their dogs or cycle past. The chocolates have been put away until we are in dire straights so to speak. Not worried about getting the RV back together but I am concerned about my knee. I can’t go see a physiotherapist as they are all closed now. I am hoping that once I am able to walk it will help.

  4. Deb says:

    Glad you folks are home safe, sound and mostly healthy. The knee will come along now I have no doubt.
    Always lots of work to settling back into a house after a time away and it’s one of the things I don’t miss at all. You could look at as a form of self entertainment while in isolation, putting all those things away. Haha.
    Hopefully you and Colin find ways to pass the time that are both enjoyable, entertaining and productive while keeping you healthy, sane and amused.

    • contessa says:

      Lovely to hear from you l. Hope that you are both settled by now. I often wish that we were fulltimers and did not have to do the transfer twice per year. We have no lack of things to do with our isolation time.

  5. So glad you are well stocked in the food, wine and chocolate department. When I was stocking up I made sure to buy some treats but have had to hide them as hubby is not great at self control when it comes to treats. I did also manage to buy some mint chocolate Girl Guide cookies from the neighbor girl (while self distancing). In the end our local grocery stores have decided to sell the Girl Guide cookies on their behalf, a wonderful idea. Just make sure to arrange your food in terms of expiration date, I did that the other day so there is zero waste.

    • contessa says:

      Everyone told us to bring at least 14 days of food back with us so we did. Plus hearing about the empty shelves we went a bit further. Yes I put all the current dates in front and the newer dates ( as in 2022 and 2023 ) in back. I was worried that the local store shelves might be empty so got enough to last for along while but nothing will be wasted. I was a Girl Guide and a Ranger and do hope to find some cookies to buy once we are free to shop again.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    I remember how silent the skies where after 9-11, it almost feels similar now.

  7. SandyM says:

    There seems to be a theme to your shoes except for the one pair! Rex just can’t seem to understand by I want to have more then one pair of sandals when we travel and for sure I don’t have that many and came home with one fewer pair. I had stubbed the toe of sandal so much they were pretty beat up but they served me well as I wore them last year, too.

    Nice sunset photos – thanks for sharing.

    • contessa says:

      How very special to hear from you mi amiga. Are you referring to the running shoes? I just got those before we left and never even wore them in Mexico. They are to be my walking shoes for our big adventure in October if that does happen. Or perhaps the sparkly thongs? They were my birthday gift on our Greek Island cruise last May and I only wore them about four times all winter. I have many pairs of walking sandals and will often wear one pair and carry another pair to change into as I walk. Depends on how far I am going. My feet seem to require changes thru the day.

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