Feb 29, 2020

Not for another four years

You are not going to get another leap year sunset for four more years, 2024.

It was rather special though.

Back on February 29, 2016 we watched the sunset with friends Hannelore and Peter.  That day the sun dropped directly into the ocean.  You can catch that here.

And a funny one liner post back in 2012.

I trust that you all made the best of your extra day today 😎

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4 Responses to “Not for another four years”

  1. Sandie DIXON says:

    We had an unbelievable sunset last night also. Think earth was celebrating our extra day with us.

    • contessa says:

      So glad that you are getting some nice sunsets. I made a point of taking some time just for me that day, to read.

  2. SandyM says:

    Beautiful sunset photo for my sister’s birthday. She tries to use the every 4 years for a birthday to her advantage now but her sisters and brother know the real number! ???

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