Feb 15, 2020

A quiet Valentines Day

Colin waxed the roof and I did my rehab exercises and basically rested. Octavio came and said that my ligament ( I initially thought it was a tendon ) was less inflamed. I am to continue my exercises but without weights. Still no beach walking, maybe next week.

My Valentines Day flowers.

Someone was burning brush and garbage just across the road from us. It was not a pleasant smell.

The sun used to set in the middle of those two hills. Now it is setting to the right of El Faro on the right, just under that small grey cloud to the left of the palm branch.

Heading home.

I hope that you all had a nice day yesterday. I had one RVer give me two chocolates and another gave us two heart lollipops. Sweet. Somehow the day got away from us and we didn’t get to eat dinner until just after 10PM.

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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Beautiful hibiscus 🙂

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