Jan 29, 2020

The fun continues

We went for a wee drive out to the highway Saturday to fill the Jeep with fuel.  First fuel fill since early November.  Other than the day that Colin drove me into Mazatlan for my surgery we have been only driven around the Isla, mostly to the embarcadero to catch the boat across to the city and to take in and pick up our laundry. This truck full of precisely stacked green peppers was parked beside us.  I guess the driver is careful to not hit a tope at full speed.

Middle of the day and these three were running along the road next to Estrella Del Mar. They picked up speed as we approached but stayed just off the road, fortunately.

The last special sunset we had or that I was able to get a photo of was last Saturday.

As always Sundays brings families to the beach. This family was packing up at the end of a fun day for them.  Two things to note here, the first is how the door opens from front to back, opposite of the normal vehicle door opening.  The second is that kids are being put in the back of this 2 or 3 seater for the ride home.  A piece of wood was placed to keep the back lid up and was tied with rope to keep it from shutting as they drove.

They almost got stuck, you can see the sand from the spinning tires.

And off they go.  Quite a few people in that vehicle.

That reminds me, last Friday, Colin went to pick up our laundry.  On the way back he had to suddenly brake ( he wasn’t going fast but still had to stop quickly ).  A woman on an ATV was rushing past with one hand on her Moto.  She was traveling rather quickly considering she was holding a child with the other hand as she breast-fed it while driving 😯  Umm, sadly no photos of that, totally unexpected.

Well I am not going to be walking the beach at least not this week.  I had a bit of a reaction on my good leg because of one of my new physio exercises so that one has been replaced with an exercise using a stretch band.  I don’t like it but will do it.  I have also been tasked with walking ten minutes non stop twice per day here in our parking lot.  Based on that and how I feel, that may free me to walk the hard packed area on the beach next week. I did it twice yesterday but went out in the evening to a concert but I sat way too long in one position and that has created some pain.  Working on that now.  Working on finding a balance that allows me to have a bit of a life.

I think I might have been presenting my case to walk on the beach here.

Still no progress on my being able to make blog comments on anyone using Blogger.  Just so you know that I am still reading on a daily basis.

7:30PM and off to do my third set of exercises for today.  Then dinner  😆


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10 Responses to “The fun continues”

  1. Deb says:

    Fantastic sunset photo. The truck was interesting, very custom.
    Hang in there, soon you will be able to do all those things you aren’t able to do right now.

  2. SandyM says:

    Beautiful sunset. Oh the peppers on that truck – they look like poblano peppers a favorite of mine and they make the most wonderful Chili Rellenos. They grow in the area around Villa Union. Blister them on a grill, let steam in plastic bag, peel and seed, cut into strips and put a little olive oil, Kikkoman, garlic powder and oregano and let marinate for a couple minutes and enjoy with a sandwich or however you wish. So very good.

    • contessa says:

      Great recipe. I really did not notice the type of pepper it was. Hopefully some of my readers will be able to enjoy this recipe.

  3. Peter Kouwenhoven says:

    Hi Contessa,

    May you soon be walking the beach! Knees take a while to heal. Shelagh’s second knee replacement was nine days ago. There were some complications with the pain meds hurting her stomach, but that seems to be resolved now.

    I too could not comment on anybody’s blog made with blogger until I switched browsers from Safari to Chrome. All is good now.

    Cheers from Vancouver Island, where Spring is keeping her promise…

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for sharing this with me. Peter, I have actually tried Chrome and it did work for a month but no longer. Very strange stuff happening. You have spring!!! Lucky you. Certainly good move on your part.

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I also can no lnger comment on Blogger blogs. I decided that might be a sign I talk too much? 🙂

  5. Dolores says:

    As the story unfolded was wondering since that car was so low to the road if it got stuck or not!!??

  6. The tires spun sand for a bit but suddenly they gained momentum and took off. That is why that last photos is so blurred.

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